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Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC): Strange New Quiz (Answers)

Want to know the answers to solve the Strange New Quiz in Star Trek Fleet Command? Check this guide out.

Star Trek Fleet Command is one of the most popular games among the fans. It is a fun RPG where you get to play a part among the favorite characters of Star Trek. Being a role-playing game, this game has various events to participate and missions to complete. Among these events, there is one event in particular that we will be discussing about in this guide. That event is called the Strange New Quiz in Star Trek Fleet Command.

Now, solving the Quiz with correct answers before the time runs out will get you some bonus in-game rewards. If you’re struggling to find the correct answers to the questions in the quiz, you needn’t now. Because in this guide, we have covered the answers to the Strange New Quiz that you can use to get free rewards.

What are the Strange New Quiz Answers in Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC)?

Strange New Quiz Answers Star Trek Fleet Command

Strange New Quiz is one of the events that will expire by the end of this month on 27th August. Before you run out of time, you can go ahead check out the answers mentioned in this guide. And claim the precious rewards attached to it. You can add this website to your list of bookmarks because we keep updating the guides as new events keep popping up.

In order to enter this event, follow these steps and then start answering the questions.

  • Open Star Trek Fleet Command and go to the Main Screen
  • Click on Events near the top-right corner
  • Over there, you’ll find the Strange New Quiz tab
  • Click on it to enter

In that tab, you will see 5 different quizzes to which the answers are given below.

  1. #Q1: In Momento Mori, who does Spock Mind meld with?
    1. Answer: La’an and Destroy 5 Hostiles in Orion System.
  2. #Q2: In Spock Amok, Who does Spock Temporarily switch bodies with?
    1. Answer: T’Pring and Use 1 Speed-up.
  3. #Q3: What must Majalans sacrifice to remain a paradise-like society?
    1. Answer: A child and Kill 5 Hostiles in Collep System.
  4. #Q4: Who is Flying the Serene Squall?
    1. Answer: Space Pirates and Destroy 5 Hostiles in Zamam System.
  5. #Q5: Who is Spock’s Love Interest?
    1. Answer: T’Pring and Spend 1 Parsteel.

These are the answers to the questions posed in the Strange New Quiz in Star Trek Fleet Command. You can try the answers mentioned in the guide and win rewards before the event expires. Hopfully, this guide was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can go ahead and feel free to check out other similar articles such as How to Attack Other Players in Star Trek Fleet Command? and How to get Tritanium?