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Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC): How To Get Officer Shards?

Want to know how to get Officer Shards in Star Trek Fleet Command? Check this guide out.

While playing Star Trek Fleet Command, you need to recruit officers to man the ships of your fleet. Without the Officer, the ship won’t function properly. So, to expand your fleet you have to keep recruiting officers in the game. In this guide, we have covered how to get Officer Shards in Star Trek Fleet Command.

The Officer Shards are quite useful materials in the game. If you want to know more about them and how to get them in the game, read along with this guide further.

How to Get Officer Shards in Star Trek Fleet Command?

Officer Shards in STFC

Officer Shards are one of the tokens that you can collect in the game. With the help of the tokens, you can recruit different officers by using recruit tokens and assign them to a ship to utilize the ship. In order to collect more Officer Shards, you must play the game regularly and complete the several quests and missions provided in the game.

Upon completing these missions and leveling up, you can get the Officer Shards in STFC as rewards. Apart from that, you can also get the shards in an event or opening free chests. Having said that, you can now take advantage of the time-bound chests that unlock after a certain time intervals.

These shards are important because they can be used to promote the ranks of the Officers. So, you have to keep collecting these items to keep promoting the officers. Now you know how to get these shards in STFC and how to use them. You can go ahead and explore the game further to collect the said materials in the game.

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