Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC): How To Mine?

Want to know how to Mine in Star Trek Fleet Command? Check out this guide.

It is imperative for you to carry out certain activities when you’re playing Star Trek Fleet Command. You have to acquire certain materials and resources to ensure your survival in outer space and make some upgrades on your ship. In order to obtain these materials and resources, you have to Mine in Star Trek Fleet Command.

Mining isn’t a difficult task in the game. All you should know is the location of the mining spots in the game. Well, having said that, there is a catch. In STFC, there aren’t any specific mining spots. So, if you’re wondering where can you mine in the game, you ought to read further along with the guide.

How to Mine in Star Trek Fleet Command?

Mine in Star Trek Fleet Command

In order to Mine in Star Trek Fleet Command, you have to explore the space for mining nodes. Each mining node will hold only one material that you can mine. So, if you want to mine more than one materials in STFC, you have deploy several ships at once. You can mine Tritanium, Dilithium, and other Ores and Crystals from the nodes.

Upgrading your ship is the best way to keep collecting materials. Because each ship has a certain limit to hold the mined materials. When you upgrade the ships, the storage capacity also increases and you’ll be able to hold more materials.

If the limit is crossed, the ship will discontinue mining without moving from the node. In such cases, you have to recall your ship back to the base or else you remain vulnerable to the attacks from other ships. You can be attacked by other ships while mining and following the attack your ship can be thrown off of the mining node.

In this case, the surviving ship will take control of the mining node and also wipe off a certain amount of the materials from the destroyed ship. However, the damaged ship will return to the base with an empty storage.

This is how you can Mine in Star Trek Fleet Command. Hopefully, this guide was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can go ahead and feel free to check out other similar articles such as Best Mining Locations in STFC and How to get Tritanium?