Best Star Trek Fleet Command Crystal Mining Locations (2022)

Want to mine Crystals in Star Trek Fleet Command? See the mining locations below.

Star Trek Fleet Command is a strategy game where you have to venture into space to explore new locations and ways to survive in the endless ocean of vacuum. While in space, you have to collect certain resources to ensure the upkeep of your bases and ships. And for that purpose, you must go looking for the mining locations of the materials that might come in handy.

In the game, you can collect several resources such as Tritanium, Dilithium, Ore, Crystals, etc. In this guide, we will be talking about the mining locations of Raw Crystals in Star Trek Fleet Command. Read further through this guide to know more.

Where to Mine Raw Crystals in Star Trek Fleet Command?

Crystal Mining Locations Star Trek Fleet Command

Before you go looking for mining spots in the game, you must keep a few things in mind. In order to enhance your chances of getting the raw crystals, you might want to set a course towards the galaxies higher than Level 9.

Another thing to work on is your ship. You have to keep upgrading your ship to travel to distant galaxies. Most of the Raw Crystal mining locations in the game are located in the Neutral zone or the Klingon zone.

You can refer to the table given below to know the location of Raw Crystal. In the table, you can see the potential mining locations of Raw Crystals and their system levels.

Klingon Zone Neutral Zone
Enthra – 27 Astrida – 14
Etaoin – 25 Azha – 20
Francihk – 20 Bellas – 12
K’amia – 24 Fastolf – 21
Katovug – 41 Lycia – 14
Lankal – 42 Nelve – 12
Lixar – 35 Nibiq – 40
Maranga – 25 Tejat – 30
Morska -29 Willenia – 28
Pekka – 33 nil
Ursva – 40 nil

Check these locations out and try your luck at the best Crystal Mining Locations in Star Trek Fleet Command. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can go ahead and check out other similar guides such as How to get Tritanium in Star Trek Fleet Command?