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Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC): How To Leave Alliance?

Want to Leave Alliance in Star Trek Fleet Command? Check out this guide.

Star Trek Fleet Command is an online role-playing game where you have to manage your fleet in the outer space. When playing such games, you can use a helping hand at certain points in the game. This helping hand can be obtained by joining an alliance in the game. Well, if you can join one, you can also Leave an Alliance in Star Trek Fleet Command.

Being a part of an alliance in the game can prove quite useful. As you can get a chance at learning more about how to thrive in the game from the fellow members in the alliance. Also, you can get quite a lot of rewards by participating in the events while being a part. But, choosing the right alliance also matters as it will only help if you have active players around to guide you and help you improve your gameplay.  To know more about how to leave an alliance in the game.

How to Leave Alliance in Star Trek Fleet Command?

Leave Alliance in STFC

It is quite simple to quit an alliance in Star Trek Fleet Command. As simple as it is to get into an Alliance in the game. However, while playing STFC, sometimes you need help while coping with the upgrades or attacking a foe. Also, if you’ve found a better alliance that you’re in currently, you need to leave the alliance in order to join a new one.

So, below are given the steps to exit an alliance in STFC.

  • Open STFC and click on Profile
  • Click on the Alliance tab
  • Once you’re in, click on the Settings tab on the top-right corner of the screen
  • Click on Leave Alliance button
  • Then click on Confirm

Now that you now how to Leave Alliance in Star Trek Fleet Command, you can quit anytime you feel like the alliance isn’t suitable for your gameplay. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can go ahead and check out other similar guides such as How to Move Station in STFC? and How to Mine?