How To Use Referral Code In Splitgate?

Referral codes can get you skins and free splitcoins in Splitgate. Here's how to use referral codes in Splitgate and referral code issue fix.

Splitgate beta was recently released on all consoles and since then the servers have been bombarded. New players are joining the Splitgate community and the best way to start the game is with some rewards. Before registering on Splitgate we would advise players to use a referral code as it can get you various free gifts and weapons. Let’s see how to use referral codes in Splitgate.

Steps To Use The Referral Codes In Splitgate

splitgate referral code

  • Start Splitgate and on the home page press the “Reward Center” button on your bottom left.
  • On the screen you will see a blank textbox. Enter the referral code you have in the textbox
  • After entering the code press on “enter code” and you will get your rewards.

Splitgate Referral Code Rewards

Players can get multiple rewards by referring players or using referral codes. Here is the complete list of rewards you can get through referral in Splitgate

  • Ritual (Legendary Plasma rifle skin)
  • Recruiter (Epic Name Tag)
  • Racer
  • Epic Banner
  • Wildfire (Legendary SMG Skin)

The player who is referring and the player who is using the referral code both will get 50 splitcoins. Apart from that whenever a player uses your referral code you will get 1 one of the rewards mentioned above. 5 players have to use your referral code for you to unlock all the 5 rewards.

How To Fix Referral Code Not Working Issue

Many players are getting the referral code not working error when they enter the code. To get the rewards skins the player who is using you referral code has to be less than level 10 and if the player is over level 10 you won’t get any reward. In case the player is below level 10 and they use your referral code you will get the reward once they reach level 10. Make sure you check and understand these conditions carefully as this might be the reason for the referral code not working issue in Splitgate.

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