How To Complete The Olympus Race Quickly In Splitgate

Olympus is one of the arenas in Splitagte. Here's a step by step and a video guide on how to complete the Olympus arena in the fastest way.

Races in Splitgate can get trippy given all the portals, the multi-layered arenas, and how quickly you have to move. Even though the game is still in beta the splitgate community is very competitive as all of them are trying to get the best time on the training Arenas. Olympus is one of the 9 arenas in Splitgate, while the game modes are unlocked at certain level players can practice in these arenas. Let’s see how to complete the Olympus race in the fastest way possible.

Quickest Way To Complete The Olympus Arena In Splitgate (Step-by-Step Guide)

To complete the Olympus arena race players have to get all the 28 disco balls as soon as possible. Here’s the step-by-step guide to getting all the 28 balls quickly.

  • At the beginning of the race open a portal at the wall on the right of the cave. Pick the ball and then open a portal behind you. Use the portal to exit and you will be getting out of the quicker than you normally would have.
  • Go to the door next to you and open a portal on the extreme left. Open another portal in front of you and go through it to get another ball
  • Open a portal on the left side of the wall in front of you. Don’t go through it, just step in enough to grab the ball and then come back to where you were.
  • Place a portal on the block above the wall, turn and open another portal on the wall behind you. Now go through the portal you are standing on and grab the ball. While jumping open a portal at the far right corner and open one more on the block you are falling on.
  • This way you will get 3 balls back-to-back and you will be on the ramp where you can get 2 more balls.
  • Jump off the ramp and open a portal before the ball in the structure in front of you. Open another portal below you and you will reach the ball quickly. Grab the ball, turn right open a portal near the ball in the alley on your right and open one on your left.
  • Open another portal behind the ball at the end of the alley and one on your left. Turn left to get the ball and then turn back to get 2 more disco balls and you will be in the middle of the map.
  • Now all you have to do is go below the structure and you will have at least 5 balls there. There will be more above and some more disco balls around the building and you that will end the Olympus race.

The written guide can be a bit difficult to follow. This is why here is a video that will help you understand the steps better

That’s all for this one, do check out our article to know about all the arenas and maps in Splitgate.