Here Are All Maps And Arenas Available In Splitgate

There are a total of 11 arenas and maps in the game as far.

The Splitgate was already in hype since its Beta version is released because of its Halo meet Portal gameplay. It also has different game modes from 1v1 to 4v4. Iy has a total of 11 maps to explore in the game which will never let your interest in the game. Here are all the arenas and maps to explore in Splitgate.

List Of All Splitgate Maps and Arenas:

1) Impact

Impact arena in Splitgate

This arena is converted into a Splitgate arena when they found aliens on a spacecraft there. Humans were not the only ones in the Impact arena at Silvertree farms. It’s difficult to find a shotgun or Plasma Rifle in the close-quarter map of the impact arena.

2) Oasis

oasis Arena in Splitgate

Oasis was a luxury beach resort once upon a time. But now it has converted into a Battleground Splitgate arena. Get geared up with a long-range weapon in you are on this map as the sandy location is full of long lines of features and very tall portal walls.

3) Lavawell

Lavawall Arena in Splitgate

As the name suggests this arena full of widespread volcano’s geothermal energy. It’s the first arena that isn’t powered by anti-matter. Players have to reach the former research facility’s high-tech laboratories, tight outdoor areas, and hazardous trenches of molten rocks. The map also includes rocket launchers and Railguns which will help you in combat around the map.

4) Abyss

Abyss Arena in Splitgate

This arena is an underground cave that is converted into Splitgate arenas and maps. whatever happens underground isn’t heard on the surface to anyone eg. Gunfires. So if you will get killed here nobody will ever come to know about it.

5) Pantheon

Pantheon Arena in Splitgate

Pantheon is a classic arena-style map with 4 identical corners and a sniper on each of them. There is a temple that was believed to be the first place portal technology was discovered. The temple is renovated now and has around 8000 viewers regularly.

6) Olympus

Olympus Arena in Splitgate

If you are looking for a large and open area for combat then only put is the best arena for you. This arena is floating on the clouds so just try not to fall while fighting down the map. And if you fall down just look towards the ground and save yourself.

7) Highwind

Highwind Arena in Splitgate

This arena and map in Splitgate are situated on top of a Japanese forest which is basically inside a treehouse. It is one of the smallest arenas among all the arenas and maps in Spiltgard. The corridors and rams are very close to one another that you will surely have many combats in this arena in Splitgate. As this is a small place try and move around in a group in this fast-paced arena.

8) Club Silo

Club Silo in Splitgard

Club silo a nightclub turned into a battleground, it was an underground missile base once upon a time. Here attendees can actually put a bet on the competitors by sitting behind the glass and enjoy watching them fight. The club Silo arena has plenty of walkways around the full map.

9) Stadium

Stadium Arena in Splitgate

The stadium is a futuristic battlefield that provides long-distance and close-quarter combat. The best warriors are put in this arena via hologram boasting their favorite armor set.

10) Atlantis

Atlantis Arena in Splitgate

This arena in Splitgate is built-in 2552. It’s a beautiful underwater bunker. use your portal tools and set up lines of sight in the Atlantis.

11) Helix

Helix Arena in Splitgate

Helix is a closed quarter arena that serves as a training ground for all the competitors in Splitgate. This arena has long hallways and very slim corridors which makes Launching Rocket a little difficult.

That’s everything about all the Splitgate arenas and maps available till now. To read more about the Ranking system in Splitgate check this article out.