Splitgate: Ranking system Guide

Here is all one needs to know about the ranked mode or ranked system in the Splitgate.

As we already know the Beta version of Splitgate is out and it’s running pretty well. It’s a First-person shooter game that got its popularity on basis of its amazing crossplay. The Splitgate works on the Ranking System or you can say the ELO system. We can also say the game follows the ‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’  system of ranking which clearly means if you lose matches you will lose points. And if you lose points eventually you will miss your chance to level up and come among the top players in the game.

The developers haven’t released any particular set of points to upgrade the ranking but we have managed to understand it so far in the mentioned table below.

Here Are Rankings For Competitive Game Modes In Order:

Splitgate ranking system guide

Rank Points 
Brass (0 – 999)
Bronze (1,000 – 1,499)
Silver (1,500 – 1,999)
Gold  (2,000 – 2,499)
Platinum  (2,500 – 2,999)
Diamond  (3,000 – 3,499)
Master  (3,500 – 3,999)
Champion  (4,000+)


First of all, do not look for a ranking system or ranking mode in the Splitgate if you haven’t crossed 15 levels in the game. Every rank in the game is divided into two sub-levels.

Eg. if it’s Brass then it will be Level 1 Brass and Level 2 Brass in the Splitgate. The leaderboard in the game only flashes names of only top 50 4v4 players in the game.

In order to go up in the ranked system in the Splitgate, all you should keep in mind is you have to win as many matches as you can. Because if you will lose the match eventually you will lose points which will stop you to level up in the ranking system. SO try and fight well and win as many matches as you can collect points and become the champion in the Splitgate.

That’s all related to the Ranking System in Splitgate. Want to know how you can check Splitgate Server Status? then have a quick look at this link.