How To Fix Voice Chat Not Working In Splitgate?

Many players are facing voice chat issues while playing Splitgate cross platform multiplayer. Let's see how to fix the voice chat issue.

Splitgate is the latest multiplayer shooter rage, the game is still in beta but the hype is over the roof. The FPS game’s beta version was released for all major platforms days ago and the players just bombarded the servers. The developers took 4 days to fix the servers and since then players are facing many issues with the game like the voice chat issue. Let’s see how you can fix the voice chat not working issue in Splitgate.

Splitgate Voice Chat Issue Fix

Even though it is available on all platforms Splitgate is still in beta which is why players are experiencing many issues like the voice chat issue. As of now, there is no solution for the voice chat issue, many players are facing this issue while playing the cross-platform multiplayer mode of Spligtage. The developers have addressed the issue on Reddit, Twitter, and Discord and promised that they will be fixing the issue in the next update. Splitgate developers have been very responsive throughout the whole server outage so we can expect them to stick to the timeline they have given.

Many players have mentioned that they are only facing the issue while playing cross-platform multiplayer. To avoid the issue we would recommend you to play with players on the same platform. The issue is not in all matches so to try their luck players can just exit the game and start another one. Players should follow the official handles of Splitgate on all the social handles to be updated about all the fixes and new updates. The discord community of Splitgate also gets many in-game rewards every week which is another reason to be a part of it.

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