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Splitgate: All You Need To Know About New Karman Station Map

Karman station is a new map added in Splitgate with the season 0 update. Let's see how to get Karman station map in Splitgate.

The Splitgate Battle Pass, Season 0 has been released by 1047 Games! According to Splitgate’s patch notes for Season 0, there are many new things you can enjoy. New armor, weapon skins, a new game mode called contamination are all part of the new update. The update will also add a new map called Karman Station as well as 100 levels of battle passes with 100 new items.

How To Get Started On The Karman Station Map

After the new update has been released, it’s only fair that you would want to know everything there is to know about the new map. Splitgate claims that the Karman Station Map is just a remastered version of the old and original Outpost Map. There was an Outpost Map in the beta of the game, which was later removed.

Almost everyone loves the Karaman Station Map because it is a portal’s paradise. It has been noticed that this map has insane portal rotations. With this map, you can portal twice as quickly as on other maps.

Splitgate is notable for its features related to portals. You can jump from one place on the map to another with them.

Best Splitgate Game Modes To Play On Karman Station Map

You’ll probably want to try the map’s different game modes since it is new. However, for maximum enjoyment, these are the best 2 modes on this map.

Team DeathMatch

Because of how fast you can portal around this map, this mode is really enjoyable in this map. It makes things very fast. Getting the kills on this map is also fun for everyone on your team.

Laser Tag

This game mode allows your character to run very fast. As the map itself is very suitable for portal rotation, this will challenge your gameplay. Have fun and improve your skills by playing Laser Tag on Karman Station!

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