How To Spend Gems Wisely In Street Fighter Duel

Don't waste your Gems by spending it in the wrong way in Street Fighter Duel. Let this guide help you spend it wisely.

Gems are the most valuable resources in Street Fighter Duel, this is why you must spend it on the right things. It is also not very easy to earn them back. The majority of the events and summons in the game require you to spend gems. So we will look at what aspects are worth shelling them out for.

What to Spend Gems on in Street Fighter Duel

1. Divination Summons

divination summon

  • The number one thing that you should spend gems on in Street Fighter Duel is the Divination Summons.
  • Until you have unlocked Divination Summons, you can use it on the Common Summons.
  • But once you get your hands on the Divination Summons, you have to control spending your gems on other kinds of Summons.
  • This is because, you will get better resources, characters, and even Gems in a large amount back through it.
  • There is ten times more gain here than the normal ones.

2. Spend Gems on Bounties

gems street fighter duel

  • The very next thing that you should spend your gems on is Bounties in the game.
  • You have to spend very less amount of it and start missions and complete tasks that are rewarding.
  • Unlike Divination Summons, here you won’t be spending a lot of gems, but getting rewards and leveling up.

3. Special Summon Ticket

special summon ticket street fighter duel

  • The Special Summon Ticket is something that you can choose not to spend your gems on.
  • As it costs 800 gems. But it is here on our list as you can end up getting something rare and valuable through it.
  • If you are waiting for a legendary character to be unlocked, then you can use the Special Summon Ticket to try your luck.

4. Complete Training

spend gems


  • Just like many other games in Street Fighter Duel, you can speed up the training process or the time duration for certain things that are being prepared by spending Gemstones.
  • If you can wait, then you must save up on spending those Gems.
  • However, this is only recommended for players who want to level up fast.

5. General Store

general store

  • Just like the Special Summon Ticket, there are many other valuable items in the General Store in the Shop section.
  • Like the Original Token, Workshop Token, Iron Brass Knuckles, and more.
  • You may want to not overspend, but invest in really good resources to support your fighters.

This was all about how and where to spend Gems wisely in the game. If you found this article helpful, you can also check out how to get M. Bison in Street Fighter Duel.