Street Fighter Duel: How To Unlock Divination

Welcome to the Divination guide on how to unlock it in Street Fighter Duel.

Unlock and summon characters and more with the help of Divination in Street Fighter Duel. We will help you get access to it by unlocking it so that you can take advantage of the rare characters, and resources the game has to offer. Divination summons are so much better than regular summons as you can get access to rare, legendary characters and other rewards. Here is how to unlock it.

How to Unlock Divination in Street Fighter Duel

unlock divination in street fighter duel

You can unlock Divination in Street Fighter Duel by –

  • Clearing the Challenge level from 15 to 40.
  • Along with that, get to the VIP level 9.
  • You also have to get the SSS- Grade Fighter.
  • Lastly, reach mastery level 9/12.

The game will help you unlock the Divination summons once you meet the above-given requirements. Furthermore, let’s look at how you can perform these summons and what you can obtain from them.

How to Perform Divination Summons and Their Rewards

divination summon street fighter

You have to choose M. Bison for your first summon and then spend gems to perform Divination. You can either choose the 10x Divination or just one, depending on how many gemstones you are willing to spend. The game’s gacha system will then help you get rewards and may also upgrade M. Bison or whichever character you are using.

You can also receive, cash, break stones, more gems, invitation cards, and much more. Along with that, if you are looking for legendary or rare characters, the Divination Summon can increase your chances of doing so. Even though these summons cost around 5000 gemstones, they are totally worth it than regular summons.

This was all about how to unlock Divination and a little bit more about how it works. We hope that we helped you, if so you can also check out this article on how to get Bison in Street Fighter Duel.