Sooneeta Free Fire ID Number, Stats, K/D Ratio & All You Need To Know

Here's everything you need to know about Sooneeta.

Similar to Amit Bhai and Ajju Bhai, Sooneeta is one of the most popular Free Fire content creators in India. She is an avid gamer, who keeps uploading videos of her playing Free Free on YouTuber, which helped her amass more than 2.58 millions subscribers.

There are thousands of people who play Free Fire wish to play with Sooneeta but they actually don’t know Sooneeta’s Free Fire ID, real, name, ID, KD ration, stats and more. If you too want to play Free Fire with Sooneeta, here’s everything you need to know about her.

Sooneeta’s Real Name

Sooneeta’s real name is Sunita Thapa Magar and she belongs to Nepal.

Sooneeta’s Free Fire ID and Ranks

Sooneeta’s Free Fire ID is 13111296, and her in-game name is TL-Sooneeta. It is to be noted that she is also the lead of TEAM-LAVA guild. The beautiful game her been placed in the Diamond IV tier in the BR mode while in Clash Squad, she has been placed in Platinum II.

Sooneeta’s Stats

Lifetime stats

As per a report in SportsKeeda, she has 3835 Booyahs in 16335 squad games, translating to a win rate of 23.41%. As of now, she has 36135 kills with a KD ratio of 2.89 and an average damage per match of 937.

When it comes to duo mode, Sooneeta has played 1829 matches and triumphed in 284 of them with a win percentage of 15.52. Sooneeta, on the other hand, has won 61 out of 852 solo games.

Ranked stats

In the Ranked season 16, Sooneeta has as of now played 554 squad matches and won 124 matches with a win rate of 22. 20%. The popular Free Fire streamer has garnered 1691 kills with a K/D ratio of 3.92.

She has played only two solo games and triumphed in a match with 12 kills. She reported has only one kill in 3 duo matches.

Clash Squad Career

Sooneeta Free Fire ID, Stats, KD Ratio

Speaking about Sooneeta’s clash squad career, she has played 741 matches and emerged as the winner in 467 games with a win percentage of 63.02%. She has also racked up 3320 kills and maintained a KDA of 1.75

Sooneeta’s YouTube channel

Sooneeta started her journey on YouTuber way back in 2017. Since then she keeps posting videos of her playing Free Fire on a daily basis. With over 2.58 million subscribers, she has amassed more than 145 million views on YouTube.

If you have not watched her playing Free Fire yet then you can click here to visit her YouTube channel, Sooneeta.

Sooneeta social media accounts

As we have earlier mentioned above that she is quite active across all social media platforms.

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