Amitbhai’s New Free Fire ID number, stats, K/D ratio & all you need to know

Here's everything you need to know about Amitbhai aka Desi Gamers.

You must know who Amitbhai is if you are a fan of Free Fire. Developed by 111 Dots Studio and published by Garena, Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale games in India. Amit Bhai is undoubtedly one of the most popular Free Fire content creator and streamer. There are thousands of people who are looking for Amitbhai Free Fire ID, stats, K/D Ratio and more. If you are one of them then here’s everything you need to know about Amitbhai.

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Amitbhai’s Free Fire ID number

Amitbhai’s Free Fire ID number is 206746194. His name in the video game is AMITBHAI. He is the leader of the guild, ‘SURVIVORS✰✰✰’

Amitbhai’s stats – Lifetime stats

Amitbhai lifetime stats

As of now, Amitbhai has played almost 7000 matches and has managed to emerge as the winner in more almost 2,000 matches, translating to a win rate of 29 per cent. He has around 18000 kills with an impressive K/D ratio of 3.65 and has dealt and average damage of 1103 per match.

Speaking about the duo mode, Amit Bhai has played almost 3700 matches and won 655. He has 9258 kills with an incredible K/D ratio of 3.12.

When it comes to solo mode, he has played almost 3000 matches and won almost 250 games. With more than 6000 kills, he has an impressive K/D ratio of 2.35.

Ranked stats

Amitbhai ranked stats

AmitBhai — who is also known as Desi Gamers — has been placed in the Diamond II tier. In the ongoing season, he has played 171 squad games and triumphed in 21 matches, translating to a win rate of 12.2 per cent. With 404 kills, he has a K/D ratio of 2.69.

If you too play Free Fire and want to be a pro like Amitbhai, you should follow him on across all platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. On his YouTube channel, he frequently uploads videos of him playing Free Fire.

Amitbhai’s YouTube channel

It has been almost a year Amitbhai started his journey as a gaming content creator. The first video he uploaded on his YouTube channel in October last year. The name of Amitbhai’s YouTube channel is Desi Gamers.

Currently, he has almost 700 videos on his YT channel, which has garnered more than 584 million views combined. You can click here to visit Amitbhai’s YouTube channel.

Amitbhai’s social media accounts

Amitbhai is an avid social media user. He spends a lot of time playing video games. If you want to be like him, you should keep a close eye on him. If you have not followed Amitbhai on social media yet, you can follow him via the following links.

To visit his Instagram profile, click here.

To visit his Facebook profile, click here.