How to Solve The Dog Search Puzzle?

Can you solve the Dog Search Puzzle?

Word search Puzzles can be quite fun but quite frustrating at the same time. It gives players quite a sense of achievement when they find the word they were looking for. However, the road to getting there might not always be smooth. While regular word searches may be hard, what about the word search that has been labelled the world’s hardest? Surprisingly, there is only one word is this puzzle and it is dog. Yet, a lot of players find it extremely hard to solve this Dog Search Puzzle. In addition, there are only three words in the box that are d, g, and o. Think you can crack the challenge? Take a look at the puzzle below.

The Dog Search Word Puzzle



Can you find the word ‘Dog’ in the box above. A lot of players thought that this was a trick word search and the word printed above and below were the answer to the puzzle. This is not true. The word above and below the box obviously do not count. There is a single ‘DOG’ located within the box.

While it might seem like a simple challenge, this word search has given quite a few players a run for their money. So, take a little time and look at the image above. Can you find the word? If yes, then congratulations. You have solved a puzzle that many found very difficult. However, if you were not able to locate the word in the box , do not worry. You can see the answer to the puzzle below.


The Dog Search Word Puzzle Answer


Here is the answer to the Dog Search Puzzle. Were you able to spot? Or did you just have a ‘That was obvious’ moment? In hindsight, it seems like a very simple answer but often players are not able to spot it in the jumble of words that all look like ‘DOG’.


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