Smite: How To Jungle And Best Junglers

This is how to Jungle in Smite.

Smite is a free-to-play MOBA game where characters are divided into Assassin, Guardian, Hunter, Mage, and Warrior classes. These classes are further divided into five roles: Support, Solo Laner, Mid Laner, ADC, and Jungler. So in this guide, we will learn how to Jungle and who are the best Junglers in Smite.

How to Jungle in Smite and Best Junglers

Best Junglers In Smite

The Jungler’s role is to clear buff camps, gank from enemies, help Mid Laners collect Gold and EXP, and guard & protect mid-lane. Junglers have to be agile and strong so that they can come to rescue their teammates whenever the need arises. Therefore the Assassin class is considered the best Junglers. But some Mage and Warrior class characters like Ao Kwang are suited for this role too.

Previously many equipable and consumable items could benefit Junglers. Some of these were Bumba’s Mask and Potion of Magical Might, but they were terminated, so we only recommend Hand of the Gods for now. Hand of the Gods deals 200 True Damage to all the monsters around you, but it is only effective on monsters on your side of the Jungle.

Best Junglers and Recommended Items

  • Thor: He is a God of Thunder, who belongs to the Assassin class. Jotunn’s Wrath, Rage, and Death’s Toll are recommended items for him.
  • Thanatos: Also known as the Hand of Death, this Assassin class character belongs to Greek mythology. Ninja Tabi, Qin’s Blades, and Hydra’s Lament are the best items for him.
  • Odin: The Allfather is a warrior class character from Norse mythology. Midgardian Mail, Mark of Vanguard, and Voilblade are recommended equipment for him.
  • Da Ji: The Nine-Tailed Fox Assassin from Chinese mythology, who should equip Jotunn’s Wrath, Heartseeker, and Hydra’s Lament.
  • Serqet: Goddess of Volcanoes is an Assassin class Polynesian character. Mantle of Discord, Protector Of The Jungle, and Bloodforge are recommended items for her.

Here you learned all about Jungle and Jungling in Smite. Since you are already here, go ahead and read how to get Map fragments and Smite season 8 Gods tier list.