AC Valhalla Siege Of Paris: Kill or Spare King Charles

Players can choose "charles must die" option or "I will spare charles" at end of Siege of Paris. Here are the consequences for both choices.

King Charles is the King of Francia and the mains villain of the Valhalla Siege of Paris DLC. All the quests and missions have lead Eivor to this point but you get a choice to either kill king Charles or spare his life. Let’s dig deeper and find out what happens when you kill king Charles or Spare King Charles in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Siege of Paris.

What happens When You Choose “I Will Spare Charles”

While talking to King Charles’s wife you get the choice, no matter which option you choose it leads to the fight with Fat king Charles. When you choose to spare Charles life you will see a tip on the top left of your screen. The tip will mention how you have to deplete King Charles’s energy to a specific point and then trap him behind the bars. During the fight you will see King Charles’s head and knee glowing, that’s because those are his weak points. Push him to the fire to reduce his health quickly and then go stand behind the cage. King Charles will follow you and when he is in the cage hit him until he is kneeling, when he’s kneeling get out and press “Y” to close the cage. Closing the Cage will trap King Charles.

Another change is that when you choose “I will spare Charles” is the reaction of his wife’s reaction. The King’s wife is grateful and thanks Eivor for his generosity.

What Happens When You Choose “Charles Must Die”

After selecting the “Charles Must Die” option his wife will give you an extreme reaction after which you will head to the main fight. At the top left corner, you will get only one tip which will help you in killing King Charles. All you have to do is hit him and push him to the Fire until he dies. We would recommend players to use arrows as it would help them aim better at his head and knee, which are King Charles’ weak points. After killing him the story ahead remains the same apart from the cut scene.

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