Assassin’s Creed Valhalla The Siege Of Paris: All Important Points On Francia World Map

The Siege of Paris DLC of AC Valhalla takes place in Francia. Here are all the important points, regions, opals locations in map of Francia.

With the new DLC Siege of Paris Valhalla players will be entering and exploring through the lands of Francia. Once Pierre drops you at the coast of Francia you are on your own in the new region. This guide will help you get a bit familiar with the map, locations of opals, and other collectible resources.

All Important Points, Opals, And Collectibles In The Francia World Map In Siege of Paris

Siege of paris francia

The map of Francia is divided into four major regions Evresin, Amienois, Melunois, and Paris. Let’s dig deeper and find out all collectibles, opals, and other important points on the map.

  • Melunois

Melunois is the first region you enter when you arrive in Francia. The region is in the northwest part of Francia, players will start the Siege of Paris DLC from the Hidden dock in Melunois. To advance further in the story you will have to reach the Vikings long house in Melun town. Near the Vikings long house you will find a fast travel point using which you can access the whole map easily.

  • Evresin

Players won’t be spending much time at Evresin while following the main story of Siege of Paris. While there isn’t much of the main story Evresin has tons of gold, opals and artifacts for you to collect. You should scrape through Evresin thoroughly.

  • Amienois

Players will be visiting Amienois very few times that too only in the latter stages of the main story. Similar to Evresin while not much of the main story happens there players can still get a lot of collectibles like gold, opal and artifacts.

  • Paris

Paris is where most of the main story happens (as the name suggests). The region is subdivided into three parts northern, southern and central. The northern and southern parts are full of opals, gold, and artifacts while the central part is where the main action happens. The central part of Paris is only unlocked after a certain point in the story.

This was a brief description of all the regions on the map of Francia in the Siege of Paris.

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