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Shroud’s Battlefield 2042 Settings, Crosshair, Keybinds, And More

Here are all the settings used by Shroud in Battlefield 2042.

Shroud or “Michael Grzesiek” is a popular twitch streamer with around 9.5 million followers. He is a Canadian gamer who is popular for his world records in CS: GO and Valorant. Recently shroud has also started playing Battlefield 2042. As shroud has got his hands on Battlefield 2042 there are many players looking for all the settings, gears, and keybinds used by him.

If you are also the one looking for settings used by Shroud in Battlefield 2042 then you are in right place. Go through the tables below and understand all the settings and keybinds by Shroud and become pro in Battlefield 2042.

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Shroud’s Gears, Settings, Keybinds In Battlefield 2042

Shroud's Battlefield 2042 Settings

Shroud’s Battlefield 2042 Gears

Here is a list of all the gears used by Shroud to play Battlefield 2042.

Monitor Alienware AW2721D
Keyboard Logitech G Pro X
Headset Logitech G Pro X
Mouse Logitech G Pro X
GPU Nvidia GeForce

Shroud’s Battlefield 2042 Settings

Shroud has not done any specific changes in the settings for Battlefield 2042 as of now and has been playing on default mode.

Invert Vertical Look for Soldiers Default
Mouse Raw Input Default
Solider mouse aim sensitivity Default
Vertical Mouse Zoom Aim Ratio Default
Uniform soldier aiming Default
Zoom transition sensitivity Default
Vehicle mouse aim sensitivity Default
Soldier weapon zoom Default
Coefficient Default

Shroud’s Battlefield 2042 Keybinds

These are all the keybinds set by Shroud to play Battlefield 2042. Try and set your keybinds as per the popular gamer and see if it help you to improve your gameplay.

Jump/Vault Space Bar
Crouch/Slide Left Ctrl
Sprint/Steady scope Left Shift
Prone Z
Fire Weapon Default
Zoom Default
Reload E
Interact E
Melee Default
Primary weapon Default
Secondary weapon Default
Throw Grenade Default
Fire mode Default
Map M
Scoreboard Tab
Ping Q
Gadget Default

These are all the gears, settings, and keybinds used by the [popular gamer twitch streamer Shroud to play Battlefield 2042. You can try and test the above changes and see if they help you improve your gameplay. These settings are used by the popular gamer and it is not compulsory for you to use the same. You can try and test and set what suits best for you.