How To Get Septaria Eggs In MIR4?

Septaria Eggs can be used to refine Hydra Token in the game

MIR4 is an Asian fantasy MMORPG that allows players access to a majestic open world. Players can explore this vast landscape and use its resources to get ahead in the game. Septaria Eggs are one such resource that can be quite useful in MIR4. However, how can players get Septaria Eggs in the game? What are they used for? We will answer both of these questions below.

Septaria Eggs In MIR4

Septaria Eggs can be used to refine Hydra Token in the game. Since Hydra is the refined version of the in-game currency Draco, it is quite useful to put in the effort to find Septaria Eggs. Players can get refind Hydra tokens by combing Draco and Septaria in the refinery. However, the cost of refining increases with the progression of the Metamorphic Stage. Therefore, players might need a lot of Septaria Eggs if they want a sizeable amount of Hydra tokens.

Septaria Eggs MIR4

How To Earn Septaria Eggs In MIR4?

In order to start earning this resource in MIR4, players first need to complete the Sanctuary of HYDRA conquest. This conquest only becomes available to players once they reach level 60. Once players unlock the Sanctuary of HYDRA in MIR4 they can get some Septaria Eggs daily. If players collect the Septaria Eggs regularly, they should have enough to fulfill their goals. This is the easiest way to get Septaria Eggs in MIR4.

Sanctuary Of Hydra Septaria Eggs MIR4

Alternatively, players can also buy Septaria Eggs through the game shop. However, this option will cost players quite a lot of Darksteel. It cannot be the main source of obtaining Septaria Eggs in the game unless players are ready to invest heavily. In case players want to buy Septaria Eggs from the shop, they will find an offer called the Initial Septaria Offering. This gives players x100 Septaria Eggs to get started.

Once players have got the Septaria Eggs, they can open the Draco menu and refine the tokens under the Hydra tab. Moreover, players can also exchange these eggs with the trader in Arcadia Spirit Village for other resources.

This is everything players need to know about how to get Septaria Eggs in MIR4. For more MIR4 content, check out our Alluring Fragrance MIR4 Quest Guide (2022)