Alluring Fragrance MIR4 Quest Guide (2022)

Players can get Quests from NPCs located all across the game

MIR4 is an MMORPG that has been gaining popularity ever since its release last year. This Asian-fantasy game is free-to-play and offers an extensive open world to the players. Moreover, its cross-play feature ensures that both PC and mobile players can enjoy the game together. One of the most interesting aspects of MIR4 is the Quests or Requests. These are small tasks within the game that players can complete to get rewards. Players can get these Requests from NPCs located all across the game. One such Quest is the MIR4 Alluring Fragrance Quest. Do you want to know how you can complete this quest? Then read on below to find out more.

How To Complete Alluring Fragrance MIR4 Quest?

This Quest can be activated by talking to Gosun who is located in Bicheon Town. Plyers can find this quest in the Crystalline Forest area. Once they reach the location, Gosun will reveal the details of the task.

Alluring Fragrance Quest MIR4 location

Players need to have a Power Score of 23,546 for this quest. This quest is unlocked by the main story quest Guided by Destiny. Once players talk to Gosun, the NPC will ask players to “find the Blue Ichor Herbs on one of the Crystalline Mountain shrouded by fog”. While this might sound obscure, it is not that hard to accomplish this.

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Alluring Fragrance Quest MIR4 1

Players will need to go to Crystalline Forest and the Air Walk to the quest marker. If players move on the cliff of the King Bull Fiend’s Sanctuary portal, they can Air Walk directly to the quest marker. Just in case players miss the mark, they do not need to worry. They can still double jump and reach the marker from the platform.

Rewards For Completing The Alluring Fragrance MIR4 Quest

Players who complete this quest are rewarded with 3 Rare Exorcism Baubles. In addition, players also get 25,600 Copper and 21,640 Experience.

Alluring Fragrance Quest MIR4 5

This is how players can complete the Alluring Fragrance MIR4 Quest. For more MIR4 content, check out Yeo Wihuang’s Holy Artifact – Find Sealed Site Quest In Mir4 (2022)