How to Start Bing a Secret Base in Minecraft

Here is how you too can build a cool, new

Your home base is always going to be unique to you. No matter what someone else might have done with their own homes, we all have different tastes and experiences. A lot of noobs may enjoy building their homes in caves or on sturdy land alone. But the sneakier among us prefer building ours in more inconspicuous spaces. You too can make your own secret base in Minecraft. This may be to ward off mobs or keep your whereabouts secret from other, fellow players. Whatever your reason, even if you are evil, you will need to make sure that your base has these 5 features.

5 Helpful Tips to Building a Good Secret Base

How to Make a Secret Base in Minecraft

Use these tips to make sure that your secret base is good and safe from all predators in Minecraft.

Build in a Good Location

The top tip to build any house in Minecraft is to make sure that your base is in a good location. For you, this means that you need to make sure that your home base remains secret in Minecraft. Whether it is in the cold, snowy region or in the dense jungle, a good location is not to be compromised on.

Build your base underground on land that has a vast amount of digging space. This is because you will need to dig deep underground to build a good base. Remember, the base must be below ground level.

Make Sure that you have Plenty of Materials

Before you start building your secret base in Minecraft, you need to make sure that you have a ton of materials available to you. This is because you will need them all for one reason or another. For example, you will need wood to make a ton of things in your home as well as a building block in your home base. For those of you that are a little more creative, you can also use the grass and stone that you find while mining underground as walls, floors, etc.

The basic reason to have a ton of materials with you already is to make sure that you have everything you need. This will make the work go quicker and have you building your secret base in no time at all.

Make A Blueprint

A house is a complex business and having a blueprint just decreases the load on your mind. As you literally have a map that you can follow. This is especially true if you want to build a large but secret base underground in Minecraft. The more space that you plan on using, the more necessary a blueprint becomes.

Don’t forget to use Minecraft measurements as you go. Some of these are remembering that doors are two blocks high, ceilings are never shorter than two blocks, etc. Go grab your pencil, and a notebook to get started with your doodling.

Don’t Forget Your Light Sources

Light is key to survival. This is a truth that any Minecraft player will let you know. But what most get confused with is using torches instead of more reliable light sources in their own secret base. Don’t get me wrong, torches are great but using something like a lantern or magma block can just illuminate your home base in Minecraft that much better. Torches are also a bit dicey to use as when you destroy the block that they are on, the torch will fall along will darkness.

Not to mention that other light sources have proven to be much more reliable and are generally more aesthetically pleasing than your regular coal and stick torch. Of course, if the dungeon vibe is what you were going for then, by all means, torches are the best way to go.

Make Sure to Hide Your Entrance

Hide your door! This tends to be the trickiest part of building a secret base in Minecraft as finding a way to hide your door can be pretty confusing. It should be accessible to you while still being unseen by other mobs or unwanted guests.

There are many ways that you can hide your door. One is by putting a pond over it with a ladder going down, using a couple of plants, etc. Do what you must, just make sure that whatever you put on top keeps intruders out and lets you go in and out as you please.

These were our top tips on how to create your own secret base in Minecraft. If you liked this article then be sure to check out this one on Easter eggs in Minecraft.