Hidden Easter Eggs In Minecraft You Need to Know About

These Easter eggs in Minecraft are a must try for every Minecraft player.

Minecraft is a code-based game that always surprises players with fun, interesting and not so super-secret Easter eggs. Over the years, these have been exposed by many Youtubers, writers and gamers in general. Here are a few of the most popular hidden Easter Eggs in Minecraft that you need to know about. Or you really can’t be considered a true gamer. Sorry, I don’t make the rules. I just write them down.

Best Hidden Easter Eggs In Minecraft


Hidden Easter Eggs In Minecraft You Need to Know About

Renaming Mobs

One of the most famous hidden Easter eggs in Minecraft has to be the ‘Renaming your mobs’ one. When you name certain mobs a particular and super specific name, they tend to change or do something that they normally wouldn’t. Here are a few examples:


  • Renaming a rabbit to Toast adds black fur to its fur coat.
  • Renaming a sheep as jeb_ changes its wool to a continuous cycle of various colours.
  • Naming a mob Dinnerbone or Grumm will make it flip and be rendered upside-down.
  • Name a mob Johnny to have it start attacking other mobs around it (like in the Shinning!).

Splash Text

While your splash text is usually randomised whenever you enter the game, you can find every text in a folder on your device itself. If you delete this file, you can then find that the in-game splash text says “missingno”.  Legend has it that this is a reference to Pokemon’s Gen 1 glitch. This hidden Easter eggs in Minecraft is one of the simplest eggs in the game.


The Killer Bunny

Bosses in Minecraft are some of the most difficult to face in any game. But none is more fearsome than the secret boss known as the Killer Bunny. Among the hidden Easter eggs in Minecraft, this is a boss that is so powerful that you need to use a secret command to summon it. For those that dare to fight it, use the command “/summon rabbit ~ ~ ~ {RabbitType:99}.”

Fair warning, one hit from this bunny deals 6 hearts worth of damage. It doesn’t care and will even attack any wolves or foxes nearby. Truly the embodiment of Pandora’s box of hell.


Made-Up Languages

There are many made-up languages in the game that you can use to play with. This is one of the more fun hidden Easter eggs in Minecraft. One of these silly, made-up languages is ‘Pirate Speak’. To get it, all you need to do to get is type this crafting recipe into your search bar. This will then transform your Minecraft world into a Pirated version (get it?). The code for this fun language is “excitedze“.

Mob Heads

Use mob heads to get close to your target without being noticed. A useful Easter egg in the game, this is one that you will want to pay attention to. Of course, you can’t get too close as they do have eyes, but with a mob head, you will be able to come 8 blocks away before they even catch sight of you.

However, this will only work with heads of the same type. So, whenever you wear the skeleton head, skeletons won’t be able to see you till you are 8 blocks away. The same goes for creepers and other mob entities in the game. And so, whenever you detonate a group of mobs, make sure that you carry all of their heads with you. For safety reasons, of course.

These were our top picks for Minecraft Easter Eggs that you need to know about. Which ones were your favourite and which just weren’t worth it? Let us know! If you love all things Minecraft, check out this article on Minecraft Live Action Movie Cast & Release Date.