Sea Fairy Cookie Guide In Cookie Run: Kingdom

How to get the Sea Fairy Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

Sea Fairy is one of the legendary cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom. It is quite hard to get it in the game and players will have to make multiple attempts before they acquire it. In today’s article, we will discuss how players can get the Sea Fairy Cookie and the best toppings for it.

How To Get Sea Fairy Cookie In Cookie Run: Kingdom?


Players can get the Sea Fairy Cookie in CRK by rerolling for it. However, the chances of players acquiring the Cookie this way are pretty low. Players can draw any number of cookies in the Gacha roll apart from the one they want.

Players can also get the Sea Fairy Cookie by using Soulstones.  In addition, players can also choose to bake this cookie.

Best Toppings For Sea Fairy Cookie In CRK

Players should use the toppings that boost the Sea Fairy’s powers in CRK. This cookie shoots a stream of water to stun and damage nearby enemies.

For the best results, players should go with toppings that provide lower cooldown or extra ATK. The best build for the Sea Fairy Cookie would be three Searing Raspberry and two Swift Chocolate. Using this combination, players will get an extra 3% set bonus to ATK as well as a cooldown boost.

However, the best toppings for Sea Fairy Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom often depend on  how players intend to use the cookie in the team. Players can abandon the balanced approach and choose X5 Searing Raspberry to increase the damage dealt. Alternatively,  players can go the Swift Chocolate route to give them quicker cooldowns in Arena. Like we said, it depends on how players want to utilize the Sea Fairy Cookie.

That is everything players need to know about the Sea Fairy Cookie in CRK. For more Cookie Run: Kingdom content, check out How To Get And Use Time Jumpers In Cookie Run Kingdom?