What Does Scrim Mean In COD: Mobile?

For beginners Scrim can be an unfamiliar word

Much like sports, the gaming community has its own vernacular. It is a constantly evolving language with its own acronyms and words. While this is fun for the most part, it can also cause some confusion. In a multiplayer game, this is especially problematic as the game has a large player base. If you play COD: Mobile or watch streamers that play the game, you may have heard the term Scrim being thrown about.

If you’re a regular around the circuits, you would already know what the term means. However, for someone new to the scene, Scrim can be an unfamiliar word. Today, we will discuss the meaning of Scrim in COD: Mobile.

Meaning of Scrim In CODM

Scrim is a term in gaming that describes a practice session or an informal game usually played between members of the same team to divide strategies. It is also an excellent way to practice techniques in unranked matches. These matches are often played by pros to practice for the big matches. Scrim is short for Scrimmage which is also a term often used in gaming circles. TS is also a term associated with Scrim and stands for ‘team scrimmage’.

These matches are quite popular in games like CODM, Fortnite, CS:GO, Overwatch, etc. Now that you know the meaning of Scrim, the next question is how you can get into a Scrim. Well, it is easier to Scrimmage in some games but rather difficult in others. For games like Fortnite, it can be quite difficult to find Scrim matches.

Scrim Meaning COD Mobile

How To Play Scrim Matches In COD: Mobile?

Luckily for COD players, Scrims are easy to get into in this game. Unlike Fortnite, CODM players do not need to worry about finding Scrimmage partners.  They can set up a community server or join another server meant for the players looking to get into Scrim matches. In addition, players can also find Scrim matches through Discord servers.

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