How To Get Rubber Boot In Merge Mansion

Here is a guide to help you get your hands on the Rubber Boot in Merge Mansion.

The rubber boot in Merge Mansion Joys of the Sea is a fishing item. It is just one boot and not a pair of it. Just obtaining one rubber boot is at level 1  and obtaining a pair of it makes a level 2 item. It is an event item, drop item, and story item. After obtaining the rubber boot you can you can also complete the whole fishing attire at level 8. Here’s how you can get it.

How to Find Rubber Boot in Merge Mansion

rubber boot merge mansion

You can get the rubber boot from the in-game store where you can purchase it. The cost and requirements of the purchase vary based on your progress. You can also get the rubber boot through the Fishing Attire merge chain. Where you can merge items and obtain them. It is also dropped by the Tackle Box, which drops other fishing items along with it. It is obtained through the Level 1-3 Sea Drop. To complete the fishing attire you also have to get the –

  • Single Rubber Boot
  • Pair Of Rubber Boot
  • Yellow waterproof jacket or fisherman’s coat.
  • Fisherman’s hat.
  • Tackle Waistbag.
  • Fishing vest.
  • Fishing waders.

Together they complete the whole fisherman’s attire. It started with obtaining the rubber boot, which is why it was important to know how to obtain it.

However, the rubber boot and other fishing items are not as important as the fishing rods, which help you in completing quests. These are just items to collect in the new event. You can also obtain the whole fishing attire with the help of 105 gemstones, through the double bubble popping cost. This will in turn help you get your hands on not only the rubber boot but the whole attire together.

This was all on how to get rubber boots in Merge Mansion. If you found this article helpful, you can also check out how to get the key to Locked Trunk in Merge Mansion.