How To Get Key To Locked Trunk In Merge Mansion Joys Of The Sea

If you are looking for the key to the Locked Trunk In Merge Mansion, then this guide is for you.

In the Merge Mansion Joys of the Sea event, the key has a significant role, as it helps in unlocking the Locked Trunk. It is not easily available to the players. Players have to grind a bit to get their hands on the key and unlock the trunk. The Locked Trunk is a level 7 Trunk that has drop items, event items, and a lot more. This is where you find the key to unlock it.

How to Get Locked Trunk Key in Merge Mansion

get key to locked trunk merge mansion

  1. Access the Tackle Shop – a starter store to get fishing rods.
  2. Fishing rods are dropped from level 1 to 3 at the Tackle shop.
  3. Transform the fishing rod into the Key of level 1.
  4. By using it till its very end tap.
  5. After you have received the key, find the Locked Trunk.
  6. The locked Trunk will be found in Merge Mansion Joys of the Sea.
  7. The Trunk will be at level 1 – The Diving Trunk.
  8. Keep using the key to upgrade the levels further of the Trunk to Level 7.
  9. Once you reach Level 7 you will have access to the Locked Trunk.
  10. Fuel the key to the Trunk and unlock it.

Now you have unlocked your trunk and obtained rewards from it. The trunk progresses to be unlocked. Even though you have completed this quest, the Merge Mansion Joys of the Sea event has many other exciting rewards and is a brand-new experience for Merge Mansion lovers. Furthermore, the game has new quests like the locked trunk, and many more discoveries yet to be made. Sea life has its share of mysteries and having access to the fishing rod and the trunk helps you progress more efficiently.

You can also access other fishing items from the Tackle Shop, which will help you solve mysteries and find items through fishing. this was all on how to get the key to the locked trunk in merge mansion, To conclude, we hope we helped you find the key. If this article was helpful to you, you can also check out how to get stone can in Merge Mansion