How To Get Stone Can In Merge Mansion?

The Stone Can is an exclusive item in Merge Mansion.

Merge Mansion is a home improvement and mystery solving game released for Android and iOS devices. There are a lot of items that you will need throughout your journey in the game. While some items are easily obtainable by merging a few things, others are a lot more challenging. The Stone Can in Merge Mansion is an item that can give you a lot of trouble if you do not know how to obtain it. This guide will solve the mystery for you.

Merge Mansion: How To Get Stone Can?


The Stone Can is an exclusive item in Merge Mansion. It is only available through Merge Mansion’s Ignatius Boulton event. This event is unlocked once you get the Fix Missing Item task in The Grand Drive. You will need the Stone Can to complete The Grand Drive area. Players must complete 13 levels of upgrades before they can obtain the Stone Can.

To get the Stone Can, you must begin by merging two small Tin Cans. These small Tin Cans can be obtained from The Beginning storyline. Once you have merged the small Tin Cans, you will get One Cent which can further be merged into a Tin Can. Further, you will have to merge two Tin Cans to create One Dollar. You will then have to merge the One Dollar to create Tin Cans that can be merged into a Bundle of Cash. This Bundle of Cash can be merged to create a Crate of Cans.

You are almost done as you must now merge the Crate of Cans and get a Pile of Cash. Merging the Pile of Cash will give you the Tin Can Factory. The next merge gives you a Big Pile of Cash which can be merged to get the Mansion Gate. You are almost done as merging the Mansion Gate will yield a Briefcase of Cash. Lastly, you can merge the Briefcase of Cash to get the Stone Can. You must have completed the rest of The Grand Drive tasks to reach The Beginning storyline of the Ignatius Boulton event.

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