Rocket League (RL) Insider (2022): Everything You Need To Know

What is Rocket League Insider? How does it work? Find out all the answers that you have been looking for about the RL Insider.

Rocket League Insider or RL Insider has caused quite a stir within the gaming community in 2021 and 2022. However, a lot of that stir is confusion as a lot of people do not know what it is or how it works. So today we will work to declutter the mystery of Rocket League Insider.

RL insider is a trading system within the Rocket League. Here you can exchange items with your friends or even trade with players from around the world. While it is a great platform for trading, it can often lead to players trying to strike disproportionate bargains.

How Does RL Insider Work?

Rocket League Insider

Rocket League controls the market by assigning keys as the asking price for items. Different objects have different values based on rarity, drop, and several other measures. Once players know these assigned key values, they can stay away from outrageous deals that are out to scam them.

RL Insider has the prices of all the items which are updated regularly. The home page gives players the option to choose between PC, Ps4, and Xbox. Once selected, players will get to see all the available prices and their variations for all items. The search bar is quite helpful here because there is an exhaustive number of items displayed. Players can search items by name, kind, rarity, or crate.

All Rocket League Insider Trade Items

Players can trade on RL Insider by finding another player to trade with. However, this can take a long while if players have to search through the list. This is where the TradeFinder section comes to save the day. Here players can search and find other players very quickly.

What are H and W on Rocket League Insider?

It is quite simple. H stands for Have which is the item you offer to other players. On the other hand, W is for Want which is the item you need from other players. These serve as an easy guide when trying to find players to trade with.

Players can use H and Ws to filter out and search the players that closely remble their needs. In conclusion, Rocket League Insider is a platform that brings together a massive community under one trading umbrella.

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