Rimworld: How To Feed Animals In The Game?

Animals may vary from livestock to pets in Rimworld

Rimworld is a sci-fi simulation game that allows players to have their own animals in the game. These animals may vary from livestock to pets. However, players will need to feed all animals under their care regardless of their type. Each animal has a distinctive stats and hunger meter in the game. While some animals can sustain hunger for longer, other animals need to be fed frequently in Rimworld. If your animals are hungry but still not eating, there could be a number of reasons behind it. One of the most common reasons behind this could be that their food type is not available. Additionally, ill or incapacitated animals are also not able to walk to their food. To find out how players can feed their animals in Rimworld, read below.

How To Feed Animals In Rimworld?

Feeding animals in Rimworld isn’t a complicated process. However, players need to know what kind of food particular animals eat. The Muffalo are herbivores and will refuse meat except in the form of kibble. Similarly, cows and horses will also forgo meat. These animals will graze on any grass that is growing in their allowed area. In addition, they can also eat Haygrass, berries, and other such crops.

Animals like Donkeys and Mares must be kept in pens to keep them from wandering off. Make sure there is a food source within the pen for the animals as they cannot leave. Herbivore animals will also feed on any grass growing inside the pen. Another option is to stockpile the food in the pen so the animals can access it whenever they are hungry.

Rimworld Feed Animals

On the other hand, carnivore animals like the Arctic Fox and Wolf will only eat meat in their diet. Wargs take this a step further and only eat raw meat and corpses. They will not eat prepared meals, kibble, or pemmican. Carnivores and Omnivores can also eat corpses in their allowed area. Meanwhile, Dendrovorous animals can consume trees as well as herbivore food. Once players know what kind of food their animal prefers they can simply feed it to them by placing it in their allowed area. If the animal is hungry, it will come and eat the food automatically. Except for the Wargs, all animals feed on prepared meals, kibble, and pemmican in Rimworld.


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