Top 7 Best Games Like “Frostpunk” To Play In November 2022

looking for games like Frostpunk? Then you must check this list out!

Frostpunk is a strategy simulation game loved by players who love story-made games and like building things. Here players are stuck in a place that is hit by an apocalyptic global cooling where they have to look for heat and survive. There is only one source of heat in the game that is the generator in the centre of the city. It’s a city-building survival game where your journey depends on your every move in the game.

If you have already completed Frostpunk then you must be looking for games like Frostpunk. If that’s true then you are in the right place. We have compiled a list of games similar to Frostpunk that players across the world can play in 2021. Without any further ado, let’s get straight to the list of top 7 games like Frostpunk.

Top 7 Best Games Like Frostpunk To Play In November 2022

1) Kingdoms And Castles

Best games like Frostpunk

Kingdom and Castles is a game similar to Frostpunk, where players have to construct castles to protect their citizens from a living and dangerous world. It’s a very fun yet dramatic story play game based on decisions you’ve made in the game. In Kingdom and Castle, you start from a hamlet and turn it into a city and then into a castle.

2) Endzone – A World Apart

Best games like Frostpunk

Endgame is one of the best games like Frostpunk where the world is blown by a nuclear attack. Now you have to start building a city from scratch with the group of very few people who managed to survive. Build them a new home and ensure their survival in this world. But it isn’t easy as you will be still getting hit by constant radiation, toxic rain, sandstorms, and droughts.

3) Space Haven

Best games like Frostpunk

If you are looking for the best game like Frostpunk then Space Heaven can be the best choice for you. In Space Heaven, you will have to travel all the way to space with a small group of yours and look for a new home in the space. The best part about it is building spaceships and creating optimal gas conditions for the civilians. Enjoy exploring the universe in this space simulation game.

4) Cartel Tycoon

Best games like Frostpunk

This is a survival business game inspired by the ‘80s narco trade. You have to expand your empire here by fighting against your rival cartels and by invading authorities. Earn the trust of as many people as you can and expand your drug production to meet the hunger of your drug lord.

5) Surviving Mars

Best games like Frostpunk

Surviving Mars is a sci-fi-building game. The game is about making the first functioning human colonies on Mars. Surviving Mars is a game full of challenges at every level with all the aliens alongside. This is the best game you can play if you enjoyed playing Frostpunk.

6) Tropico 6

Best games like Frostpunk

Tropico 6 is a construction, management, and political simulation game from the Tropico series. What makes Tropico 6 one of the best games is that it has multiple islands that you have to manage. You will love the game as it includes a lot of stealing of monuments and make your collection. Construct bridges, construct tunnels for all your Tropico citizens and enjoy the game.

7) Aven Colony

Best games like Frostpunk

Aven Colony is a game where you have to run an alien planet as a representative of humanity. Build homes for all the civilians and serve humanity. It goes without saying that the game will be full of challenges to keep you in the game throughout.

These are the top 7 games similar to Frostpunk and if you are looking for more games like these then visit this page from time to time as we will keep updating this list.

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