How To Research Tactics In Evony

This is how you research Tactics in Evony.

Evony is a strategy, casual, build and battle game. Players get to choose between seven civilizations for now. Which includes Russia, Korea, America, Japan, and China. All civilizations excel in different sectors and have different structures. You can develop your troop’s power, speed, and other stats by research, but once you have completed it you need a better research facility. So here is which research facility to use for tactics in Evony.

Evony: How to Research Tactics

Researching Tactics Evony

Tactic Scrolls are a necessary item for high-level research. These scrolls are used in the Military Academy, which is right beside your Keep. But only appears and unlocks for build after you have reached the Keep level 36. The architecture of this academy will differ from every civilization, and it is a time-consuming structure. China’s civilization has a better research percentage.

Evony introduces various kinds of events in intervals of every few days. One such event is Tactics Researching or Consuming Return Event. Using Tactics Scroll during this event will help you to gain Ranking and Ranking Rewards.

To use them, first go to the Military Academy. And choose the troop type you want to upgrade. Now just like the Research facility, you will see a development tree. Tap on any option like “Solid Shield I”. And start the Research or Instant Research. The research will take several days, but you can use Speed Ups to finish it early. And Instant Research will take gems and instantly complete the process.

These Tactic scrolls can be obtained by defeating Ymir 4, as Ymir chest occasionally gives Tactic scrolls. There is a chance of winning them from the Arctic Barbarians Invasion, the Battle of Gaugamela, and the Battle of Constantinople too. And they sometimes appear in Black Market also.

This is all you have to know and do to Research Tactics Scroll in Evony. If you are looking for a more such guide. Check out how to get captured Generals back and the best Ranged Generals.