How to Rank Fast in CODM?

The game has six rank tiers with Legendary being the highest tier.

Call of Duty: Mobile is a highly competitive game. Players are always looking for ways to rank up fast in the game. However, it is not easy to increase and maintain rank progression in CODM. The game has six rank tiers with Legendary being the highest tier. It is easy to climb the Rookie ranks with consistent gameplay but things get trickier as the rank level rises. Today, we will discuss a few tips and tricks that players can use to rank fast in CODM.

Tips To Rank Fast In CODM


Rank Fast In CODM

Players can rank fast in a number of ways in CODM. It depends on a player’s game approach. We have listed all the approaches that players can take to levelling up quickly in the game.

Getting High Kills


This option works well for players with an aggressive gameplay style. It is also one of the fastest ways to rank up in CODM. Players that get high kills and perform well in the game will rank up fast. So, players should scout out others in the game and try to get as many kills as possible.

Play In A Squad

It is much harder to rank fast in CODM playing solo. Players have a much better chance of dominating the match and getting a win if they are playing in a squad. With a coordinated team of four to five players, there should be no trouble scaling the CODM ranks quickly. However, players must team up with like-minded players that are trying for the same goals.


Survive And Win

On the other hand, if defensive play is more up a player’s alley, they should focus on winning as many matches as possible. Stacking up wins is also a great way to rank up fast in CODM. Players can avoid getting into a fight by flying around the map in helicopters till the numbers are down to the top 10-20 players. This will give players a better chance of surviving and winning the game then getting into direct conflicts. However, this strategy can also backfire at times if players are not careful about staying out of sight and moving quickly. Players can also find safe higher ground to camp out till the numbers have thinned out. This strategy isn’t as fast as the aggressive approach but is the best bet for players with less experience.

Choose The Right Weapon


Players looking to climb the ranks with high kills and battle points should try to go for the best guns available. Weapons with higher stats can finish opponents quickly and this will get a better score for the players.  Therefore, choosing a gun with high damage and accuracy is crucial to getting ahead in the ranks.


Loadouts are an important part of surviving longer in the game. Players should choose their perks, weapons, and operator skills as per their gameplay style. It might seem like a minor point but it can often help players last longer in a game.


This does not mean that players should solely try for headshots in the game. However, since headshots are the deadliest in the game and can often taken out opponents in one hit, it is advisable to try for them. In addition, players should also focus on their aim and targeting in the game. A lot of practice will be required before players can get the headshots perfectly but the difference in rank escalation is worth the effort.

These are all the ways the players can rank up fast in CODM. For more Call of Duty: Mobile content, see How To Get Legendary HBR In CODM?