How To Get Legendary HBR In CODM?

New legendary weapon & epic items have been added to COD Mobile.

The Legendary HBR fully-automatic assault rifle is back in CODM. The HBRa3 has been quite the fan favorite in COD Mobile. Therefore, it is understandable that players are excited about its return to the game. So, the question on everyone’s mind right now is how they can get the legendary HBR In CODM. Well, stick around as that is exactly what we will be discussing in this article.

Where To Get The Legendary HBR In CODM?



Players can now get the legendary weapon as well as other epic items through the COD Mobile Store. The Legendary HBR is available as a part of the Prototype Draw that has been introduced with Season 2: Task Force 141. As a part of this draw, players might be able to draw out the HBRa3 – Rictus Arc or other epic items. Moreover, the game has also introduced a new character Cipher that players can also get in the Prototype Draw. Though players can get all the rewards available in the Prototype Draw, the rewards are selected at random. Players might have to get a few other CODM rewards before they get the Legendary HBR that they are after.

HBR CODM Legendary


There are 10 draws available but the cost of each draw goes up. The first draw cost players 30 CP and the price keeps going up with every draw. So players must be ready to spend some CP if they don’t get the HBR on the first try. The last draw costs 3900 CP. In addition to the legendary HBR, the Prototype Draw also offers a number of other rewards. These include an Assault Knife, Muscle Car, The Song Of My People emote, a Cluster Grenade, a Charm, MX9, Electroshocked Calling Card, a Dog, and the Cipher character.

This is how players can get the Legendary HBR in CODM. We hope this article was helpful for you. For more on COD Mobile, check out How To Delete COD M Account With UID?