Ragnarok X Next Generation: Ultimate Leveling Guide

Here are all the tips and tricks to level up faster in Ragnarok X.

Looking for some easy tips and tricks to level up faster in Ragnarok X Next generation? If your answer is YES then check out our ultimate Ragnarok X Next Generation leveling guide. Once you go through this guide, you will be able to learn how to level up fast and earn a lot of Exp in ROX.

Ragnarok X Next Generation: How To Level Up Faster?

Ragnarok X Ultimate leveling guide

Leveling up in Ragnarok X Next Generation isn’t that tough but one needs to know the steps to level up faster. If you go in a proper order there is a chance that you will reach higher levels faster by getting more Exp’s in the game.

Here is a list of all the easy and best tips and tricks to level up faster in Ragnarok X Next Generation:

1) Start With The Main Quest:

When you start with a new character in Ragnarok X, all you need to do is start with the main quest. It’s a very simple quest that will directly take you to level 25 when you complete it. Unlock the main storyline of Ragnarok X Next Generation as soon as you complete the main quest and get a good amount of Exp for your next levels in the game.

2) Mission Board Quests:

There are Mission Board Quests uploaded in Ragnarok X daily which give you a decent number of Exp, Zeny, and Odin’s Blessings as rewards. Every player can participate in the quest 10 times every day from the Mission Board. The quest board resets every morning at 5 so that you can do it the first thing as soon as you open the game.

3) Chamber Of Commerce Missions (COC):

There are a total of 10 missions uploaded in Ragnarok X every week which gives you a lot of Exp as rewards. You can find COC mission in the Carnival menu of the game. The rewards in this mission are purely based on what level you are in the game. Higher the level more the rewards!

4) Farm As Many Monsters As You Can:

Ragnarok X is full of monsters, hence farming as many monsters as you can help you level up faster in the game. Get to know about the weakness of all the monsters to give a tough fight against them.

5) Odin’s Blessings:

Odin’s Blessings is unlocked when you reach level 23 in Ragnarok X Next generation. This will help you to multiply your rewards like Zeny, Exp, and other items which you earn by farming monsters. Keep it on while hunting or farming monsters and do not forget to turn it off while going for quests to get maximum profit from Odin’s Blessings.

That’s all for Ragnarok X Next Generation ultimate leveling guide. Read another article about the Ragnarok X monster database to know every detail of all the monsters in the game.