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Ragnarok Origin: Best F2P Class Guide

Read this to learn about the best f2p classes of Ragnarok Origin and excel in the game.

Ragnarok Origin offers endless free-to-play possibilities. The game has an easy mechanism, an engaging storyline, and smooth gameplay. Currently, there are six classes with various roles, and here we will discuss the best F2P class & role of Ragnarok Origin. So read till the end and build the best class warrior with perfect job change roles.

Best Free to Play Class for Ragnarok Origin

Top F2P Class In Ragnarok Origin

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Swordsman, Mage, and Acolyte are the three best F2P classes of Ragnarok Origin. Their third-class of Lord Knight, High Wizard, and High Priest are the perfect roles players should opt for in such cases. Earlier in the game, players get to select from six classes; Swordsman, Mage, Merchant, Acolyte, Thief, and Archer. So if you are to evolve your best F2P class in Ragnarok Origin, you need to choose the correct one in stage one only. Because after you have selected and spent your resource in one class, abandoning it to use another becomes tormenting. So follow this chart and develop according to it for better outcomes.

  • Swordsman > Knight > Lord Knight
  • Mage > Wizard > High Wizard
  • Acolyte > Priest > High Priest

Lord Knight is very profitable in the early phase of the game. But as it evolves and more missions unlock, this becomes like other classes. So it is strongly recommended you utilize it as much as possible in the early phase for the best results in Ragnarok Origin.

High Wizards are used to performing powerful magic spells and have skills that give a permanent SP boost. They can grow so strong that they can knock out monsters with just one hit. Thus they are considered one of the strongest classes till level 100.

High Priests can decrease enemies and increase an ally’s morale without a sweat. This F2P 3rd class of Acolyte is known for its magical skills and is a must for the team. Every team needs to have a handful of them for sustenance. Since few players select this class, it is in high demand among the guilds. And many guilds even support the development of this class.

These are all the best F2P classes of Ragnarok Origin. If you found it informative and helpful, then read our other gaming guides, like how to play Ragnarok Origin on PC and the best Paladin build.