What Is QB Mode? Can You Play It In Retro Bowl?

Wondering what QB mode is and why can't you access it in Retro Bowl? Check out this article.

Quarterback or QB is the lead offensive unit of the American football team. They are considered the on-field coach that reacts first when the ball is snapped. They have to be cool and composed at all times. Recently, some players of Retro Bowl claimed to have gotten their hands on QB mode. But what is QB mode and can you actually play it in Retro Bowl?

Retro Bowl: What is QB Mode and Can You Play It

Retro Bowl What Is QB Mode

QB mode has been the talk of the Retro Bowl community. And many players have been eagerly searching for this mode. But according to the official statement of the game creators. They are not introducing QB mode any time soon.

Now let us talk about how some players can play in this mode. There were assumptions that they use game code that is not public to players. But according to a famous YouTuber, I’m Grego.  His is not a game code, it is something he created himself. And it took him a lot of time and effort to make that mode. Cause he was enthusiastic about college football even before coming to YouTube and wanted to do something for it.

According to I’m Grego, Mark Baldwin, the community manager of New Star Games spoke to him and said they did find the idea of QB mode interesting, but it is not coming any time soon. At least not what players think QB mode is currently. There is a chance that a standalone QB career game could come out or something big by early next year. And also that regardless of what they decide to do, any possible new game or game mode is quite some time away from being ready for the public to play.

Most of the information in this article is based on the YouTube video, how to play QB mode in Retro Bowl by I’m Grego. So check out his video to learn more about what he has to say on this topic. Also check out our article on how to play Retro Bowl.