Where To Find PUBG Saved Replays On PC?

Here is a guide to help you find saved replays in PUBG!

Want to save the memory of your victory in PUBG for the long run but don’t know how? Check this guide out to find out where you can find the saved replays in PUBG on your PC or Laptop. Notably, there are only 20 replays in PUBG that you can see inside the game. The list gets automatically updated and videos get deleted when you exceed the number.

But if you want to save more replays in PUBG then you will have to save them to another folder on your PC. If you don’t know how to save replays in PUBG and where PUBG replays are saved on your PC then keep reading this post.

Where To Find PUBG Saved Replays On Your PC?

Are you looking for all the saved replays in PUBG? Then check your system files, they are saved in there safely from where you can access them before they get deleted. You can copy-paste and keep them saved in a separate folder if you do not want to lose them and use them later for any other purpose.

Steps To Access PUBG Saved Replays On PC:

  1. Open your computer and press “Windows+R” to open Run Commands.
  2. Now type “%localappdata%” in the text box very carefully without making any mistakes. Now, click on the OK button.3. Now you will find a list of all applications installed on your PC. Look for the “Tsl Games” folder in the list and click on that folder to open up.

4. Once you open the folder. There will be four more folders: Config, Logs, Demos, and Crashes.

5. Click on “Demos” from the list to obtain all your saved replays in PUBG.

6. This is a list of all your saved replays in PUBG that you can copy-paste and save in another folder.

This is everything you need to know about where to find saved replays in PUBG for your future use. Check out another article on how to play music while playing PUBG on your mobile?