How to buy Battle Coins (BC) in PUBG Mobile Lite – Complete Guide

Here's a quick guide demonstrating multiple ways to buy PUBG Mobile Lite's in-game currencies called Battle Coins.

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a game that has made huge waves in the gaming sector, following its launch in 2017. The game has garnered humungous attention within such a short period of its debut. The super successful PUBG is undoubtedly the greatest representative of the battle royal genre.

Clearly, the game did better than expected and quickly established a huge fandom all over the world. Earlier, due to the hype that PUBG had generated, a couple of games were somewhat discarded, and it was the first-ever time that the game gave a tough competition to Counter-Strike and DOTA 2 in the South-East Asian zone.

The reason PUBG is the best mobile royal battle is more like every other game, it’s special in-game items that can be obtained using in-game currencies called Battle Coins or BC.

This blog post will make you familiar with the many ways you can try to get your hands on them.

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PUBG Mobile Lite BC Purchase

1. Google Play Store

Amongst a few ways, the Google Play Store is the default option for players to purchase the PUBG Mobile Lite battle coins. The purchase can also be enabled from the in-game store. Players have to spend INR 85 for 90 BC, INR 240 for 285 BC, and so on.

2.  Midasbuy

This is just another place to shop for PUBG or BC battle coins. It entails various payment mechanisms on its website. To shop for BC, players must provide their PUBG Mobile Lite ID, choose the desired form of payment and the quantity of BC they want to purchase. After the transaction, battle coins will get credited to their PUBG Mobile Lite account shortly.
There are 3 following modes of payment options by Midasbuy:

  • UPI

The UPI system can be used to buy BC through Midasbuy and the Google Play Store. UPI can be used for immediate bank transfer purposes. The players would have to pay INR 40 for BC 30, INR 79 for BC 96, INR 249 for BC 320.

  • Net Banking

Many players choose Net Banking to buy BC in PUBG Mobile Lite as a merchant account. Midasbuy as well as Google Play Store, both enables the player to opt for net banking. It’s one of the secure ways to purchase in-game products.

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  • Razer Gold

Razer Gold is used by over 2500 games players to make purchases. PUBG Mobile Lite players can use this option for purchasing the in-game currency battle coins.
These are the various options players can opt for to make purchases for PUBG Mobile Lite BCs.

Please Note: Players must initiate transactions using authorized channels only to avoid any potential consequences.