PUBG Mobile FAMAS Guide: Every Spawn Locations & Best Attachments

This article informs about everything concerning the Famas in the latest PUBG Mobile 1,2 version.

Players Unknown Battle Ground Mobile game features an extensive selection of weapons that players can use on the battleground, and game developers frequently add new ones with each patch.

PUBG Mobile’s next update (1.2 Runic Power Mode) patch note is launched recently disclosing a host of new features that are expected to turn up in the game, including the revolutionary Assault Rifle – the Famas.

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This blog, therefore, intends to shed some light on the anticipated Famas in PUBG.

Famas Assault Rifle in PUBG Mobile

This complicated firearm is featured only on the first exclusive map of the mobile game i.e, Livik. This accelerated assault rifle aims to defeat even SMGs at nearby proximity. Additionally, bipod that comes as a package deal with it renders it a perfect weapon to unleash terror on higher ground settlements as well.

Best Place To Locate Famas In PUBG

It varies based on the type of match you intend to play. As far as my personal experience is concerned, this is where you are most likely to spot the Famas on Livik as well as all the spawn points.


This highly inhabited town in the centre of the map usually witnesses 10-15% of the match’s residents tumble straight to it for quite a good cause. If you want to stand a chance to score this powerful new rifle then perch. Once you acquire this weapon, you’ll eventually find a good purpose for using it.

For anyone who prefers to get straight down to the fight, Midstein as a Famas site is certainly a pleasure.


The land here, and you’re going to get your hands on not one but a couple of Famas. The instant accessibility of the rifle here directly indicates that you brace yourself in relative tranquility. If you wish to set yourself up before hitting the universe, there’s no good destination. Blomster is the ideal location to head if you’re not ready for an urgent war.

Best Attachments To Famas In PUBG


  • Extended quickdraw mag (AR)
  • Extended mag (AR)

Famas cannot carry a large number of bullets on its own at a time. It’s sufficiently strong to not rely on many, but the instant availability of many to spare in a breakneck war does have a major impact.


  • Canted Sight + 2x Scope
  • 2x Scope
  • Red Dot

Besides its excellent fire and control, another reason you must avail this is the customization it allows. Canted sights are not that tricky to locate in Livik, and appending them on a new rifle next to a 2x or 3x scope is an essential aspect of the strongest loadout. It shines in close-quarter combat, but like many other rifles, using it for a medium-range also works fine. The coverage afforded by the 4x range is not beyond its comfort bubble, but a blend of close and mid-range optics fits well in the shorter vicinity of its Livik home.


  • Suppressor
  • Flash Hider
  • Compensator

Actually, this is a situational one. If you use a silencer you will find it easier to strike the enemies from a distance with the support of a telescopic sight, crawl closer to a red dot or an iron sight, and then sneak behind the enemy’s spot to knock them down all without being caught or need for reloading.

If you have a preference for muzzle flash reduction, recoil compensation, and noise reduction, it essentially leaves you with the most favoured approach. As for myself, I feel that a noise suppressor is an ideal move ahead. Considering how destructive the rifle is at close distance, its potential to withstand appropriate SMGs must not be overlooked.

Famas only supports 5.56 mm ammunition and can be loaded with 25 rounds. The firearm also has the best fire rate among the other rifles in the game.

With this guide to Famas in PUBG ends. Hope you find this useful and keep coming back to our site for more guides, news, and the latest updates on gaming.