FAUG VS Free Fire – Comparison Based On 5 Key Points

This article will help you decide which mobile game (FAUG or Free Fire) is worth your time.

Months after the announcement, nCore Studio officially unveiled the military-themed action game FAUG, a title that was initially pinned to be a PUBG mobile alternative. In the months following its launch news, FAUG (Fearless And United: Guards) game racked up a lot of buzz and on the occasion of Republic Day, the company eventually released it allowing Android users to download and enjoy the game.

However, after the ban of PUBG Mobile in India, the majority of the PUBG player base has been shifted to Garena Free Fire. It is the most popular mobile royal battle game developed by Garena and is a hit since the year it was released.

Where FAUG is a multiplayer fighting game centred on real-life situations endured by Indian soldiers on the frontline. Free Fire is a survival online game in which 50 players compete at the same time and the last person remaining on the island wins the game

Let’s two and see which one is the most satisfactory and a better alternative to PUBG.

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FAUG VS Free Fire Comparison

This article will evaluate the 5 major differences between the two-game.


Free Fire developers keep introducing many time-restricted modes to the game. Hence, there are a variety of modes to choose which includes the most played Free Fire Clash Squad and the Battle Royal as well.

For starters, FAU-G only offers a story campaign game mode titled the Tales from Galwan Valley. Team Deathmatch and Free For All modes are still to be launched.

The lack of a Royal Battle mode is a key difference between FAU-G and Free Fire.

2. CharactersFAUG VS FREE FIRE

Free Fire, has a lot of characters. All of them with the exception of Nulla and Primis has special in-game capabilities that offer the player an edge on the battlefield.

While on the other hand, In FAU-G, players may choose the FAU-G (Soldier) from the loading tab as seen in the image above, and can also acquire the FAU-G from the Honor Road or buy the FAU-G from the in-game arsenal segment.FAUG VS FREE FIRE


Free Fire Players are lucky enough to be allowed to build a tailored HUD as per their choice and have a higher degree of control over modifying their sensitivity parameters in settings.

Whereas, FAU-G does not provide the option/choice to configure the control design. This feature is expected to be provided with forthcoming updates Nevertheless, players can adjust the sensitivity settings to some degree.FAUG VS FREE FIRE

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4. Multiplayer

In Garena Free Fire, players can set up a lobby to enjoy duo and squad matches with their buddies in the Royal Battle mode. They can also build groups and compete in tournaments by gathering dog tags to win varying prizes.FAUG VS FREE FIRE

as noted previously, FAU-G presently has just 1 game mode called Campaign. Players can’t compete with their buddies because multiplayer modes are yet to be released.


This is the best part about Garena Free Fire. It offers a broad assortment of weapons categorized into separate types. Besides melee weapons such as bat, katana, and machete, it boasts SMGs, ARs, Sniper Rifles, LMGs, and others.

However, FAUG’s campaign depends solely on melee action and currently does not give the player the choice of weapons as Free Fire does. It only stocks three melee weapons, a club, an axe, and a pipe.FAUG VS FREE FIRE

After comparing the two, obviously, Free Fire seems to provide the best gameplay experience, but we can’t pass a judgment for FAUG since it’s the latest one on the market and there are a lot more updates to look forward.

It may exceed the popularity of Free Fire or it may fail to mark its footprint in the mobile gaming industry. Until then, all we can do is wait and enjoy the one that we believe is best.