PUBG Kurmalı Tüfekler Hangileri – PUBG Mobile 2022 Best Rifles Guide

In this article, we will help you know your PUBG Mobile Kurmalı Tüfekler weapons better.

It’s not a smart thing to hide behind trees and make it to the last few players in a round of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds only to discover that you’re left to send out the last few survivors with a pea shooter. Collecting a diverse arsenal of the finest PUBG arms is your best chance to ward off the other 99 players who are all scrambling for a chicken dinner.

Hence, we’ve articulated Pubg Mobile Kurmalı Tüfekler (PUBG Mobile Wind-Up Rifles) guide for your own good.


PUBG Kurmalı Tüfekler Hangileri – PUBG Mobile Wind Up Rifles 2021

Wind-up rifles were used in World War 2 and are also referred to as sniper rifles. There are in total 4 wind-up rifles that you can leverage to win the chicken dinner in PUBG. See the details below.


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Win 94 (0.45)PUBG-Mobile-Kurmalı-Tüfekler

Win94 is a level action sniper rifle of medium-range in PUBG Mobile. It is suitable for medium-range strikes, causes very high damage, and has a 2.7x range. It’s got the quickest re-chambering duration of all the Bolt Action Sniper Rifles since it’s a Lever Action Sniper Rifle.


It has a bullet travel speed of 760m/s, just like Kar98k, and deals with 66 damage and the only attachment Win94 needs to take is a stock. Bullet Loops is the only Win94 compliant stock.

Awm (.300 Magnum)PUBG-Mobile-Kurmalı-Tüfekler

Procured from airdrops. It is the most impactful single bolt sniper rifle and fires unique magnum rounds. Brings incredibly heavy loss and avoids rank 3 headgear. But, is suitable only for long-distance. The AWM supports four attachments: Sight, Muzzle, Mag, Stock.


M24 (7.62)PUBG-Mobile-Kurmalı-Tüfekler

It’s a fantastic American Bolt Action Sniper rifle that’s shooting 7.62mm rounds. Just next to the AWM, and can discard Lv.2 headgear with just one shot. It depends largely on scope and abilities. M24 is sometimes referred to as a revamped Kar98K, as it is equivalent to Kar98K with an augmented damage range. It has a very short reload time relative to other bolt action rifles.

It also has attachments: Sight, Muzzle, Mag, Stock.

Kr 98KPUBG-Mobile-Kurmalı-Tüfekler-1

Kar98K is the short for Karabiner 98 Kurz, a German antique sniper rifle. This single bolt sniper rifle shoots 7.62mm bullets that can be fired by one of the players in the rank 2 headgear. However, it also relies heavily on scope and expertise.

It’s the preferred sniper weapon of many players, owing to its increased accessibility than most bolt action firearms.

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It has the least precision among the bolt action rifles. Its extreme damage can be inflicted by a player with a rank 2 helmet. It is located more quickly than M24s and causes identical thresholds of damage and both can destroy level 2 helmets in 1 shot.

It takes only 3 attachments viz., Sight, Muzzle, Stock.

That’s all you need to know about the PUBG Mobile Kurmalı Tüfekler weapons.


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