PUBG Comparison: PUBG Ka Baap Kon Hai?

Wanna know PUBG Ka Baap Kon Hai? In this article get complete detail on the most asked PUBG Mobile query on the Internet.

PUBG Ka Baap Kon Hai? And Free Fire Ka Baap Kon Hai? has been the most asked and searched query on the Internet. Both of these games have been ruling the world of Battle Royal Games. Both games have a good set amount of fans and have a huge player base.

Players have been so crazy about the games that many have online forums etc can be found with debates and questions on which BR game between PUB-G and Free Firee is the best. Both the games are unique and have a stand of their own. Their popularity among gamers is no joke while these queries have been circulating on the internet we have decided to give players full details about PUBG Ka Baap Kon and Free Fire Ka Baap Kon in this article.

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PUBG Ka Baap Free Fire Hai

It’s quite obvious when a game is compared with other players and fans end up debating and fighting amongst each other. While currently, the most common question asked is PUBG Ka Baap Kon Hai many gamers of Free Fire answer with Pubg Ka Baap Free Fire hai. This means that Free Fire is better than PUBG. Many more tags like “Free Fire Pubg ka baap hai”, Pubg Ka baap kon hai free fire” and “PUBG ka Baap Kaun hai” by players.

Free Fire Vs PUBG Graphics & More

And just as how Free Fire players have been comparing PUBG the same is also applied by pub-g players. Both games are certain specs that apply and make them unique. PUBG provides more graphics and provides a good experience to players. Free Fire Ka baap Kon tags got trended by PUBG players to troll back the Free Fire players back after they trended tags like PUBG ka baap hai Free fire and more. At the same time, the game became only stable for high-end phones. Whereas Free fire was available for mobiles that supported fewer graphics

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PUBG Ka Baap Kon Hai Free Fire Conclusion

Both the games are quite amazing and have their own specialty. both of the games will have their own Advantages and Disadvantages. The Graphics of PUBG always has the upper hand. But on the other hand, Free fire is planning to release Free Fire Max which is said to have high graphics. PUBG and Free Fire have millions of downloads along with the Billion dollar income for its company. No gamer will regret playing this amazing BR game.

FAQ – PUBG Ka Baap

1.Is Pubg banned in India? 

Yes, the government of India has announced the Pubg ban along with 267b more Chinese apps.

2.When was PUBG banned in India?

The Indian government banned the game on September 2, 2020.

3.Which country made Free Fire?

Free Fire is created by Garena International I Private Limited studio. This studio goes under the standard of Sea Ltd, an organization situated in Singapore.

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