Project Zomboid: How To Forage In The Game?

Foraging skills can be built up to level 10

Foraging is a useful skill for survival in Project Zomboid. Players can find a lot of handy stuff through the Foraging skill. Similar to other skills in the game, foraging skills can be built up to level 10. It is easy to find craftable items as well as consumables through this skill. However, certain items can only be found at a certain level. Players can build up the foraging skill by picking up or discarding items in search mode. Let us find out how you can forage in Project Zomboid to stock up on food and collect useful items.

How To Forage In Project Zomboid?

It is simple to forage in Project Zomboid. Below are the instructions to start foraging in the game.

  • Right-Click on a forgeable area. The kind of items players get from foraging depends on the area they forage in Project Zomboid. Forests will yield more food items and basic materials. However, foraging in an urban landscape might yield items such as car keys.
  • Click the ‘Forage’ option. The percentage next to the forage option signifies the number of resources available for foraging in that area. It will slowly go down to 0 as more resources are foraged by Project Zomboid players. When the resource level goes down to zero, it cannot be foraged anymore.

Project Zomboid Forage

This is all players have to do to start foraging in the game. However, keep in mind that foraging takes a toll on the character. Players will grow very tired if they continue foraging without a break. A higher level of the Foraging skill will not only make it easier for players to find more valuable items easily but will also reduce the amount of fatigue characters experience. Like we said before, leveling up the Foraging skill is as simple as collecting items in search mode.

Project Zomboid Forage

Traits can also have an impact on how fast the character picks up a skill. To check out all the different traits in Project Zombie, see Project Zomboid: All Traits Explained!