Project Zomboid: All Traits Explained!

Here is a list of all the traits in Project Zomboid!

Project Zomboid is a horror survival video game where players have to make their way to the end without getting bitten by the Zombies. It has several characters that are built with a lot of traits to enhance their performance in the games. These traits in Project Zomboid are nothing but the alterations made to modify the skills and enhance their performance.

If you are new to the game and do not know all the different types of traits then you are in right place. Here is a complete list of all the traits in Project Zomboid that you need to build your character.

List Of All Traits In Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid traits

Traits are of total three types: Positive, Negative, and Occupational/Hobby. The player starts the game with a negative trait and has to do compromises to get the positive traits. But in order to gain points, all the players have to maintain the positive-negative trait ratio.

The traits are not permanent and players keep gaining and losing them in the game. So make sure you keep a track of all the traits that you own to not miss out on any!

Positive Traits

Sr. No. Trait  Effect
1 Adrenaline Junkie Add 0.20-0.25 extra bonus to the base speed at panic
2 Athletic Help to run 40% x faster and longer
3 Brave It makes you prone to the night horror attacks
4 Cat’s Eyes This trait helps you get 20% better vision at night
5 Dextrous It helps to transfer inventory time by 50%.
6 Eagle-Eyed The character gets a wider view of the field using this trait.
7 Fast Healer This trait helps your character heal faster from injury and illness.
8 Fast Learner It increased the XP gain by 130%
9 Fast Reader It increases the reading speed of character by 130%
10 Fit It helps your character get  +2 fitness
11 Graceful It helps your character to stay stealthy and by reducing your footstep sound by 60%.
12 Inconspicuous Increases the chance of zombie spots by 50%
13 Iron Gut Reduce the chance of food illness by 50%
14 Keen Hearing Help you have a larger perception and see zombies approaching from behind you.
15 Light Eater Reduce hunger by 75%
16 Low Thirst Reduce the thirst by 75%
17 Lucky Get lucky and have a 10% more chance of finding Rare loot,
18 Organized Increase the container inventory capacity by 130%
19 Outdoorsman Help you get immune to the harsh weather conditions by 10%.
20 Resilient It helps you get 755 prone to the Zombification, decrease the 45% chance of catching a cold, and increase the cold strength by 80%.
21 Speed Demon It increases the gear switching speed by 200%
22 Stout Get 2% extra strength for knockback from melee weapons.
23 Strong Increase the strength by 4% and 140% extra damage from the melee weapons
24 Thick Skinned Helps to decrease the chances of getting scratched or injured by zombies by 70%
25 Wakeful Help you reduce your required sleep by 30%.

Negative Traits

Sr. No. Trait  Effect
1 Agoraphobic Enters in panic mode when outdoor
2 All thumbs Get 4005 inventory transferring time
3 Asthmatic Get you 140% faster endurance loss
4 Claustrophobic Get panicked when indoor
5 Clumsy Make 120% more noise while moving
6 Conspicuous Have 200% extra chance of getting spotted by zombies
7 Cowardly Get 200% more prone to getting panicked
8 Deaf Have a smaller perception radius
9 Disorganized Decrease the container inventory capacity by 70%
10 Emaciated Have 40% less Damage and a 70% chance to fail to climb a tall fence
11 Feeble Decrease the strength by 2%
12 Hard Of Hearing Have a smaller hearing range
13 Hearty Appetite Need to eat 150% more food
14 Homophobic Get panicked when performing First Aid
15 High Thirst Require 200% more water to survive
16 Illiterate Cannot read books
17 Out Of Shape It has -2 Fitness low endurance
18 Obese Have reduced running speed and low endurance
19 Overweight Have reduced running speed and low endurance
20 Pacifist It has 75% less XP of melee and aiming skills
21 Prone To Illness It has a 125% faster zombification rate
22 Restless Sleeper Get sleep for very few hours
23 Short-Sighted Low Visibility
24 Sleepyhead Has 70% extra tiredness rate
25 Smoker Smoking Cigarette will lower the stress level
26 Slow Healer Recover slowly from injuries
27 Slow Learner Decrease learning ability by 70%
28 Slow Reader Take 70% extra time to read books
29 Sunday Driver Drives 40% slower
30 Thin-Skinned High chances of getting scratches
31 Underweight Low strength and low endurance
32 Unfit Have -4 fitness endurance
33 Unlucky have 10% less chance of finding rare loots
34 Very Underweight Low strength and low endurance
35 Weak 5% lesser strength and 60% less melee damage
36 Weak Stomach Have a weak immunity

Hobbies Or Occupations

Sr. No. Trait  Type  Effect
1 Amateur Mechanic Occupation It helps you repair all vehicle types without reading any manual or recipe
2 Amateur Mechanic Hobby Help you repair standard and heavy-duty vehicle
3 Angler Hobby Help you fix the fishing rod
4 Axe Man Occupation Help you chop trees 25% faster
5 Baseball Player Hobby Help you take a long blunt shot with your baseball bat
6 Burglar Occupation Can hotwire vehicles and with less chance of breaking the lock of the window
7 Brawler Hobby Used to get in trouble by getting one extra Axe and Long Blunt Shot
8 Cook Hobby Get 2+ cooking knows and cook recipes without reading
9 Cook Occupation It affects the search mode and helps to remember all the cooking recipe
10 Desensitized Occupation Panic from all sources except at night terrors
11 First Aider Hobby Get +1 First Aid certificate
12 Former Scout Hobby Get you +1 First Aid  and +1 Foraging
13 Gardener Hobby Improves basic Agricultural knowledge
14 Gymnast Hobby Help you get one extra Lightfooted and Nimble
15 Handy Hobby Get you +1 carpentry and +1 maintenance.
16 Herbalist Hobby/ Occupation Help you find herbal medicine, make poultices from them and identify the poisonous food
17 Hiker Hobby Get you +1 Foraging, +1 Trapping and affects search mode
18 Hunter Hobby Help you with +1 Aiming, +1 Trapping, +1Sneaking skill
19 Night Owl Occupation Recover from tiredness quickly while sleeping
20 Nutritionist Hobby/ Occupation It Helps players see thew nutritional values
21 Runner Hobby Get you +1 Sprinting
22 Sewer Hobby Get you +1 Tailoring

This is our complete list of all the Positive, Negative, and occupational traits in Project Zomboid. For more such guides on Project Zomboid Click on the link and stick around