Is Prime Gaming Free With Amazon Prime?

Streaming platforms for gamers have risen meteorically in recent times.

Gaming has come a long way since the days of arcade games. Today, players can not only enjoy games from the comfort of their homes, they can also share the experience with others from the gaming community. This thought has given a rise to streaming platforms for gamers in recent times. Prime Gaming has been wildly popular with the gaming community in this regard. However, some players are still unclear about it. The main question in the mind of many gamers is if Prime Gaming is free with Amazon Prime. In today’s article, we will discuss this as well as all the benefits that players get by opting for Prime Gaming.

Does Prime Gaming Come Free With Amazon Prime?


Prime Gaming Free

Yes. Prime Gaming is included in the Amazon Prime membership. If a player has subscribed to Amazon Prime, they are automatically eligible to use Prime Gaming if it is available in their country.  It is not yet available globally. However, players that do have Prime Gaming in their area can reap a number of benefits from opting for it. These include perks like free games and in-game content. Let us take a detailed look at these below.

Benefits Offered To Prime Gaming Players


Twitch Channel Subscription

One of the best things about streaming platforms is the community support. Viewers can support Streamers they like directly through subscriptions or gifted subs. However, it is definitely not possible to get subscriptions for all the Streamers that they enjoy. Prime Gaming offers players the option to subscribe to one Partner or Affiliate channel for free with the Prime Gaming Subscription. This subscription will include all the perks of a paid subscription like chat privileges, emoticons, and badges.

Free Twitch Subscription


Exclusive Content

Players opting for Prime Gaming also get access to free games as well as in-game loot that is included within their Prime Gaming subscription.



Prime Gaming players get exclusive emoticons like the ScaredyCat. These are only reserved for Prime Gaming and Turbo members.

Chat Color Options

Players get to set a chat color.

Prime Chat Badge

Prime Gaming players stand out in a chat with the unique crown badge. This is included in the subscription and players get it automatically after activating Prime Gaming.

Crown Prime Gaming Free

Save Streams For Longer

As players might know, Twitch has a limited duration for saving a broadcast. Twitch Affiliate users can save their broadcasts for 14 days. However, Prime Gaming members can save their streams for 60 days, the same as a Twitch partner.

This is all that players need to know about Prime Gaming and its benefits. For similar content, see What Is Founder Badge And How You Can Get It?