How To Get Portal Kills in Splitgate?

Here is a guide for you to get Portal kills in Splitgate.

Splitgate is a first-shooter multiplayer game that has got its fame from its Beta version itself. If the beta version is interesting imagine how its final or full version will be! Now as players who are already into the game already know that the gameplay is dependent on the Halo Portal theme want to know how to get portal kills in Splitgate. If you too are struggling to get Portal kills in Splitgate then don’t worry, we have got you covered.

Difference Between Portal Kills And Kill Through The Portals

portal kill in Splitgate

Kills through the Portal‘ and ‘Portal kill‘ are two different things.

For Portal Kills, you have to make your enemy die by traveling through your portal.
And kill through the portal is firing a weapon by standing inside your portal and trying to hit your enemy who is not inside your portal.

Very confusing right? Read further to clear all the confusion.

So in order to get Portal kills in Splitagte, you have to select a place on your map to put a portal and make your enemy follow you till that decided place.

Once your enemy reaches the Portal place, all you have to do is place the portal right in front of your opponent and then kill them.

The best maps or Arenas to carry out Portal kills in Splitgate are ‘Olympus‘ and ‘Highwind‘. Olympus is on the top of the clouds and Highwind is situated on a treehouse in a Japanese forest. That’s why you can easily draw a portal place here and kill the enemy and fall down to save your life.

It is always better to select arenas with circular platforms. Then you at least have a chance to save yourself in the game. Olympus serves as the easiest Portal platform but Highwind is also not anything less than it.

Launch the game and get a lot of Portal Kills and do not get killed through portals. Now if you have understood how to do portal kills in Spiltgate then have a look at the guide on all the Arenas and Maps in Splitgate.