Poppy Playtime: How To Get Red Hand

Got your GrabPack but you're missing your red hand? Here is the Poppy Playtime guide for you.

On your way to ‘find the flower’ but have no idea where your other hand is supposed to be? Poppy Playtime seems to have a knack for giving you just enough information. This is to make you both, intrigued and frustrated at the same time. Read ahead to find out how you can get your red hand in Poppy Playtime right here.

As a former employee, you will find that navigating the lands of your old workplace can be a little disorienting. Especially with all the blood around. There are those of us that enjoy being scared to death. But there are others that just want to get their red hand. For those of you that belong to the latter, this guide has been tailored to you.


How To Get a Red Hand in Poppy Playtime

Poppy Playtime: How To Get Red Hand

We have divided the necessary steps into four parts to make getting your red hand easier. If you are at a stage before this then you probably haven’t gotten your GrabPack yet. So, be sure to do that first, before continuing with this guide on how to get the red hand in Poppy Playtime. Follow these steps to get your GrabPack red hand and hopefully, get out of the Playtime factory:


Part 1

In this part, you will get the GrabPack, open a door and cause a short circuit.

  • Once you get the one-handed GrabPack, enter the factory
  • Here, you will see Huggy Wuggy
  • Move to the room on the left
  • Use your blue hand to open the door
  • A short circuit will occur


Part 2

In this part, you will get a key and restore the power.

  • In Huggy Wuggy’s raised hand, you will find a triangular key
  • Take the key with your blue hand
  • Now, go into the Power room
  • Head to the innovation wing with the red light
  • In here, you will find light shining on a locker with handprints
  • Open the locker
  • Use your hand to conduct electricity
  • Now, move back and touch the electric rod
  • Do not let go
  • Keep moving back till you come close to the door that you entered through
  • You will see another electric rod next to the lockers
  • Move towards it and touch it
  • The power should turn back on now


Part 3

In this part, you will finally open the handprint door, enter room 05 and enter the innovation wing.

  • Move out of your door
  • Huggy Wuggy will now be missing from his spot
  • Use your hand to unlock the handprint door
  • Head down the corridor to room 05
  • Open the door and walk down that corridor
  • Walk inside and head up the metal staircase

Part 4

Now, you will complete the keypad puzzle and finally get your red hand.

  • Enter the room that the metal staircase leads to
  • Now, you should see a red, blue, yellow and green panel
  • You will see a glowing block in front of the broken railing
  • Pick it up and insert it into the blue switch key area
  • You will then find the rest of these blocks in the lower section of the factory
  • When found, insert them all into their respective key areas

The red hand for your GrabPack will now be brought and lowered onto the conveyor belt. A little tricky, we know but the red hand is a necessity to continue playing the game.

There you have it! This was your Poppy Playtime guide on how to get your red hand in the game. We hope that you enjoy playing Poppy Playtime and that you get to the flower. Keep Huggy Wuggy out of your way and you should do just fine. If you enjoyed this article then why don’t you also check out this other one on Poppy Playtime Prototype 1006.