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Poppy Playtime Prototype 1006 Explained

What is Experiment 1006 in Poppy Playtime?

.Poppy Playtime is a survival horror game that was released in 2010. Since then, the game has received positive reviews from critics and gamers alike. The game tells the story of a former employee who goes back to a toy factory 10 years after it was abandoned by Playtime Co. due to its staff disappearing. While there is much to explore in Poppy Playtime, the mystery of Prototype 1006 has been the center of a lot of curiosity.

Somewhere in the colorful world of Poppy Playtime, the mysterious Prototype hovers in the shadows. Who is Prototype 1006 and what is Experiment 1006? Players have spent a lot of time trying to answer these questions.

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What Is Experiment 1006 & Who Is Prototype 1006 In Poppy Playtime?


Experiment 1006

Experiment 1006 was carried out by the hugely successful Playtime Co. The objective of the experiment was to create more life like toys for children. However, the Experiment went wrong. Instead of a living toy for kids, Prototype 1006 was created. The Prototype started to exhibit violent tendencies and managed to escape the lab. It is believed that Prototype 1006 killed the scientists that were performing experiments on it in Poppy Playtime.

This is mentioned in one of the VHS tapes that the players find. The tape has a recording of a scientist explaining that the Prototype has begun to rebel. Moreover, this tape ends with a sound made by Prototype 1006, hinting that it has managed to escape and find the scientist.

In addition, another VHS tape suggests that it is intelligent and very dangerous. The tape also mentions that it created a laser to disable the cameras and escape.

Who Is Prototype 1006 In Poppy Playtime?

Playtime Co.’s was a popular toy company back in 1984. However, the company decided to experiment and make a more life like toy. The experiment did not go as planned and it became Prototype 1006. Playtime Co. used an actual human in the experiment to make a live companion for kids. It was first believed that Huggy Wuggy is the prototype. However, this was disproven in Chapter 2’s VHS tapes.

Prototype 1006 did come alive but went on a rampage instead. There is only one surviving Playtime Co. employee that escaped the Prototype’s massacre. This is our protagonist and Prototype 1006 is seen stalking them throughout the game.

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